We’ve finally reached toddler age. So weird. My baby is a toddler? It doesn’t feel like it. It definitely doesn’t look like it. Girlfriend is less than 1% for height and 6% for weight. She looks like a little shrimp compared to her friends. It’s okay though… she will grow at her own time and I get to enjoy carting around a lighter load on my side.

We still aren’t walking but that’s okay. She wasn’t really showing any interest in wanting to walk until a couple weeks ago when she decided she just wanted to stand up so she could dance. Since then she’s been a standing (and dancing) fool. We have a new favorite song: Whip & Nae Nae and we are a fan of both versions… the original and the Minions version. It begins……..

She also signed a new word: MILK! I was super excited. Literally crying excited. I was getting ready to feed her and I looked at her and asked her if she wanted milk. She looked up at me and did the sign accompanied by a tiny, “Moo”. It totally caught me off guard… commence happy/proud tears. It sounds more like Mook now so we are getting better at trying to say the word. So now that word is in the rotation with her favorite, “More”.

We are stuck in 6 month clothes right now. I’m really sick of 6 month clothes. I really just want to put her in 9 month clothes but they are too big.

My big news… I made it to the 12 month mark with breastfeeding and I’m ready to stop. I’m like really excited/sad to be moving on. I feel like I’m going to kind of miss it when it’s over. We’ve been cuddling a lot more so I’m hoping that just replaces the normal nursing time. I spoke with P’s pediatrician and she recommended some ways to transition to whole milk without causing my body to go into shock so we’re going to start on it.

Also… I’m super excited to introduce P to peanut butter and all things nutty. Like too excited. I’m recommending to everyone to buy stock in Jif because I’m going to be all over that spread in a couple of weeks.

Weight: 16 lbs, 4.5 oz

Length:Β 26.75β€³

Diaper Size: Pampers Cruisers Size 3

Clothing Size: 6 months

Nicknames: P, Peanut Butter

Health: Perfect

Sleep: Perfect

Diet: Breakfast – Applesauce & Rice Cereal; Lunch – Either whatever I’m eating or yogurt w/ fruit; Dinner – Whatever we are eating; BM 5x a day.

Baby Gear Love: Stuffed toys, baby dolls, music makers

Loves: Dancing, tickles, dancing, kisses to everything and everyone (my favorite)

Dislikes: “No” & naptime

Milestones: Stands up on her own, Stands up and dances, Cruising everywhere, Climbing everywhere, said and signs MILK

Parenting Fails: For fireplace woes… she was cruising along the fireplace and lost her footing causing her to fall face first into the fireplace. We got lucky… only a little owie on her chin and it will hopefully heal before her birthday.

Looking forward to: BIRTHDAY PARTY THIS WEEKEND!!!!

Goals for next month: Walking… like for real.


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