P’s 1st Birthday County Fair

After months of Pinterest-ing and prepping, P’s birthday party has officially happened.


I am seriously so excited how everything came together. The weather was a little warm but there is nothing you can do to change that. I thought it would totally keep people indoors but I was surprised to see some people enjoying the outdoor set up.

We put together a little drink table with pink lemonade and SPIKED pink lemonade for the adults. At the end of the night, there was definitely almost a full container of regular pink lemonade and the spiked was basically gone so the parents definitely had a good time.

We also had a variety of sodas, Mexican coke and beer on beer on beer. SOOOO many beers.



Looking back at the photos I have, I wish I had spent a liiiiiiitle more time taking photos. I’m missing all the details I agonized over for weeks and months. I didn’t even get a photo of the kiddos wearing the bandanas! I didn’t really get any photos at all. WHHHAAAATT?? Seriously, what was I doing that whole time?


2015-10-24 13.45.55


I did get a picture of the dessert table. Mmmm delicious desserts. I made three different types of cupcakes: churro cupcakes, cotton candy and funfetti. The little Palmer head cutouts are the best. They had me lol’ing everytime I looked at them.


I also made a little “Year of Palmer” photo board with some of my favorite photos over the past year. It was super difficult to just narrow it down to less than 60 favorite photos. She’s so stinking cute. I can’t believe how much she’s grown. It’s totally true… I totally forgot how small she was on the day she was born!


IMG_5614The games were adorable but borderline impossible for even the parents. Like so hard. The goldfish toss was like the hardest game of beer pong that I have ever played. So it was basically true to the actual fair game…. no winners. Thankfully everyone won a participation prize (some goldfish crackers). The bean bag toss was also super cute. One of kids found a way to go straight for the hole, literally…. he would run up and slam dunk it through the openings. Whatever works πŸ˜‰



One of my favorite things was the pig pen. It was an idea that all the babes could hang out together in the grass just rolling around. Given the extreme heat that day (I think it was like in the 90s), I didn’t think any babies would be playing outside so I was a little disappointed as I set it up; however, late into the party, Erin came up to me and told me there were babies in the pig pen. I swear to you… my face lit up light a Christmas tree as I ran outside to see them playing. There it was… three little pigs just rolling around being friends. So. Freaking. Cute. Oh and you want to make a party for kids the BEST PARTY EVER???? Just add bubbles. My MIL had a bubble machine and we had it on during the party. Maybe the kid’s favorite thing ever.


2015-10-24 14.44.32

The “cake” (pie) smashing was cute and gross at the same time. Since cake is spongy, it’s not as yucky as mushing up a bunch of pie. P was very delicate at first, picking at the pie like a little bird. Once she got in, it just turned gummy and gross. She played and ate for a little bit before we decided enough was enough… I think we were all ready to get sick from the sight of her squishing pie between her fingers. Thankfully we grabbed her and rinsed her off in the sink and she was good as new.


I totally forgot to mention the food (and take photos of it). I only got this berry shot. We had fry bread and it was ridiculously good. We made chicken and beef as options to go on it and it was seriously amazing. I had a couple when everyone left. So. Good. We also had corn and vegetables. All in all… delicious food.

2015-10-24 15.16.00 2015-10-24 15.34.32 2015-10-24 15.32.41 2015-10-24 13.56.20

You don’t realize how freaking hard it is to open up gifts with a one-year-old until you have to do it. Girlfriend was not interested. So really, it was like me opening up gifts in front of a bunch of people, which is awkward for me. Do I read the card? They are all staring. Palmer, please touch it so you can show them you appreciate it. Too much pressure.

Palmer is so blessed to have so many wonderful people in her life and they literally showered her with gifts. We haven’t yet broken into all of them but she has been playing with this little pushing scooter thing. Unfortunately, her little feet can’t quite reach the ground so it may take awhile for her to scoot around on her own. I have pushed her throughout the house and it’s a good time.

She also got this super cute rocking chair. She loves to rock so she sits in it and pushes her body back and forth. I’m terrified she is going to rock herself onto the floor. She actually sit in it for 15 minutes while I kind of picked up the house, which is a lifetime in baby time.

2015-10-24 16.26.54

My in-laws got P this little play house and it’s presh. It has a little grill area on one side and a construction/workbench on the other. I shared some photos of it last week but she loves that too. I’m sure as soon as I actually break into some of these toys, she will be playing with everything. My MIL had a great idea to put away some of the toys and bring them out later so she thinks they are new. Kind of like introducing new things so she doesn’t get bored.

2015-10-24 14.42.16

All in all, it was a pretty sweet birthday. I don’t think next year will be so extravagant but it was certainly special for me and Erin to share such a important milestone in a big way. Special TY to all our amazing family and friends who celebrated with us. Also to my in-laws for allowing us to borrow basically anything in their home and prepping any last minute things the morning of the party. Lastly, a massive TY to our BCFF/Palmer’s godparents for allowing us to take over their home for multiple days, going above and beyond to help us in any way we needed and providing a beautiful venue. We LITERALLY couldn’t have done this without them.

2015-10-24 13.39.24


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