weekend roundup


I’ve been so lazy today. I have this super long to do list and really nothing is getting done… well unless eating Birthday Cake Oreos is on there (it isn’t, I checked). I even took a nap. Just thinking of doing housework makes me sleepy so I have not been able to keep my eyes open all day. So distract myself from the filth I’m living in, I’ll finish this post that was supposed to be completed Monday. Woo.


So Saturday was party day and naturally, that took up the entire day. You would think that the next day would be a detox day or just a simple rest day. Nope, not in this house.


The next morning we got up and went to the pumpkin patch! This was really like “P’s first pumpkin patch experience” part deux. Last year we were so excited to take her to a pumpkin patch and thought we found a good one close by but it ended up being in a church… that only took cash… and we were only able to scrape up like $10 between a few of us (WHO CARRIES CASH??)… and get the world’s smallest pumpkin… that I eventually tried to fit my baby in for our cringe-worthy “kid in pumpkin photo” Pinterest-fail.

IMG_3744 IMG_6747

This year we did it right. We went up to MacDonald’s Ranch in North Scottsdale. It was everything a pumpkin patch should be and more. Old west town facade, lots of fun games, hay rides, pony rides, photo op areas and the best part: a petting zoo complete with mini goats, donkeys, and “micro pigs”.

IMG_6748 IMG_6792

The petting zoo was massive. I was surprised how many animals they had there. We spoke with one of the volunteers/employees as we purchased some food for the goats and she told us that the animals have been increasingly aggressive and possessive over food. She also said the micro pigs were actually micro pigs when they first got there at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, they have been overfed through the season and are completely overweight! Fat little piggies. We let P pet the little goats. I tried to find the tiny goats as some of them were a bigger and kind of mean. She did such a good job and pet them like her puppy brother.


We took a little horse-drawn hay ride over to the pumpkin patch and found the perfect pumpkin. I like ones with interesting stems. I was actually super impressed with the prices! I have been to other pumpkin patches in the past and they were wayyyyy more. P was getting a little fussy and tired on the way back and was very clingy. It took approximately 5 seconds for her to fall asleep in the wagon when we got back to the main activity area.

IMG_6775 IMG_6774

After that we headed home to deal with a disaster of a fridge. It always breaks. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Well, I mean we do. Water gets stuck down below and basically freezes around the fan resulting in the fridge not cooling. After basically breaking the entire thing open, we saw the culprit. It was the largest piece of ice ever just surrounding the fan. Erin was so excited and felt a huge sense of accomplishment because he was able to fix something in the house and we didn’t have to place an emergency call to his parents (even though we know they would always help and usually always know how to fix it). The fridge is now working at 110%.


Finished off the night with Walking Dead…. um… WD fans, could you even believe that episode?? Not looking forward to the filler episode next week but I’m looking forward to seeing how all the craziness unfolds.


2 thoughts on “weekend roundup

  1. HappyFamily says:

    Adorable photos. I love pumpkin patches. I am with you regarding not carrying cash. The other day I had to have Bailey put back all her pumpkins and get this little one because I could only find $2.

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