milestone: look who’s WALKING

So it happened… after months and months of me anticipating the moment… she took some steps. Now I’m not trying to exaggerate or anything. I’ll be real. It was three steps but IT WAS THREE STEPS!

look at that glorious winter grass....

look at that glorious winter grass….

Yesterday we were just playing in the grass out front, enjoying the beautiful grass my husband has worked so hard to put in over the past month or so (he’s obsessed with the grass and it shows). Erin always says we don’t take advantage of the gorgeous weather outside so I’ve been trying to go out there every day to play with Palmer. It’s nice and she enjoys it. She’s not crying so that makes me happy. Erin is happy because we are rolling around in the beautiful grass. Win-Win-Win.


Anyway, back to the important stuff… so we are playing and she stands up and starts laughing. I motion to her to come to me (which literally has meant nothing in the past) and she does. Three big steps to reach me and then she fell into my arms.

Jaw meet Lush Grass Floor.

I was super excited and gave lots of praise (xoxoxoxo all day). P was equally proud of herself. After a moment of texting Erin to tell him the big news, I tried again. Well first I set up my phone to see if I could capture it… and I did! It took some time because she obviously knew this new walking thing was awesome and couldn’t contain her excitement every time she stood up. She was like a ball of giggles. She walked towards me like 5 more times (more than 3 steps). I have to upgrade this sucker in order to share the video so this picture will have to do for now.



I tried getting her to do it again today but she’s not feeling it (diva issues). She has played with a couple of her pushing toys and bit more today and seems to be doing much better! Guess all that walking on Halloween helped!!


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