weekend roundup


flashback to 2014

Another super eventful weekend! Last Halloween P was only 11 days old. She was just a little squishy baby. I was still kind of recovering from the c-section so I just went to Target and picked up a little owl pajama costume set and that was it.


We always spend Halloween over at our BCFF’s house. They live on this super cute street in Central Phoenix and their entire block is closed down for trick-or-treating. Kids everywhere. I think they get over 1000 trick-or-treaters every Halloween. Craziness.


So this year was kind of like Palmer’s first Halloween… well we treated it that way. No hate or anything but I really wouldn’t take P trick-or-treating if she wasn’t partially walking. Like if she was a tiny baby, I wouldn’t have gone door-to-door. It’s like saying, “Hiiii…. this is my kid. She doesn’t eat candy but I do. Give me candy. Now.”


P loves to socialize and, honestly, she had an awesome time. As you can see from my Halloween post, we went with a tiny baby cow costume. It works for more than one occasion because now she can wear it and we can get free Chick-fil-A on “Dress Like a Cow Day”. Plus, she was adorable. I made the little cowbell, milk bucket and the ears/headband. She was chauffeured around in a little wagon but I made her practice walking the 10-20 steps leading up to the candy bowl. She would present her little milk bucket and people would gush as they handed her a piece of candy. She was so excited about it.


The best part was the cowbell. It rang with every step. I thought it would get annoying but it didn’t. Every time it rang, it filled my heart up with happiness.


The next day was the best day ever… well for me at least. It was STATE FAIR DAY! I think I’ve mentioned this before but the Arizona State Fair is kind of a trash fest. It’s dirty and poor and a little sketchy but whatever… there is fried food and farm animals. We usually go early because it gets scary at night and if you go before 2, it’s only $2. Score. So we got there and our first stop is always the farm animals. I usually like to go the first week because that’s when they have the cows but we didn’t have time until this weekend. The llamas were out and there weren’t that many. Palmer still had a fun time looking at them but I think she would have liked cows or pigs more.

IMG_6912 IMG_6910

After the farm animals is usually always the petting zoo. They have a baby kangaroo in there and it’s super cute. This year was a little OOC. As we walked over there, it was packed. Too many people and super large animals. They had straight up big llamas in the petting zoo area. We decided to skip it this year mainly because we didn’t want Palmer to get trampled.


Next…. surveying the grounds for the best fried food options. Every year we go and try something new and it’s almost always disgusting. Erin decided to do some “research” earlier that day so he had a game plan going in. The one thing on my mind: Oreo Funnel Cake. Before diving head first into a delicious tray of fried batter, chocolate syrup, oreos and powdered sugar, we needed some actual food. We decided on a corndog and big ol’ thing of curly fries. Safe options right? Wrong. The hot dog was gray. Like scary gray. So, like animals, we just ate the cornbread crust and trashed the rest. Okay now back to this Oreo Funnel Cake… mmmm….. once we tracked it down, we destroyed it in minutes. It was so good.


Our typical last stop is the photo booth. Erin and I have been getting photos from the photo booth at the state fair for 10 years!! It’s so much fun to look back at the different years and how much we have changed. Last year, our photo included my pregnant belly and this year, little P’s mug was all over it.


Normally that would be our fair experience but since Peanut was asleep (THANK YOU!!), we decided to take our chance at a couple of games. I was super excited because they had this silly little donut thing and I was like yeah… I’m winning that. Well…. I didn’t win that. It takes some sort of skill to win cool prizes. What did I win instead? A nemo from a “everyone is a winner” game and a tiny smiley face from a beer pong game. I really wanted to win Palmer a little Peppa the Pig. Oh well. What did we learn from playing the carnival games? We aren’t very good at them.


Better luck next year.


Poses were supposed to be: smiling, kissing Palmer, screaming and Palmer upside down. The flash got us before we were ready on basically every one… especially that last one.


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