weaning & whining

So before P turned one, I knew I wanted to stop breastfeeding ASAP. I definitely have some conflicting feelings because it’s a sweet bonding time between the two of us but I’ve grown very tired of the shield and I’m just ready to move on… and I think maybe P is too. We’ve made it a year and I’m super proud of getting to this point.


We talked to our doctor about it at our last checkup. We told her our regular schedule (4 feedings – I just dropped the one between lunch and dinner) and she recommended we replace the last feeding with half-and-half of breastmilk and milk until she was used to it. So we did that. She loved it so much we decided to go full whole milk the next day. She gobbled it right up.


From that point forward we did milk for dinner and three other feedings. Last week I decided to switch the lunch feeding to a glass of milk and we are still doing well. I think we will have the hardest time with the morning feedings. She’s super needy and grouchy in the mornings after breakfast and will pull at me and ask for milk. I am going to try and drop the mid-morning feeding later this week and see how that goes.


Since we aren’t spending that normal bonding time together, I’ve been trying to replace it with cuddles throughout the day. I think it’s really helping. We will spend time in bed just hanging out with her in my arms. It’s adorable. It definitely calms her and has put her to sleep a couple of times (NO SWADDLE!!).

I’m hoping that by the time she turns 13 months we will be totally weaned.


3 thoughts on “weaning & whining

  1. Nicole says:

    I stopped breastfeeding at 10 months and have gone exclusively to formula in a bottle. Now my little guy is 11 months (almost a year), but he only drinks from a bottle. We’re having such a hard time with the sippy cup. 😦 How did you introduce your little one to something other than breast / bottle?

    • justaudrey says:

      We started introducing water with a sippy cup (which didn’t really go well). We moved onto using a straw. This website was super helpful – http://yourkidstable.com/2012/08/how-to-teach-your-baby-or-toddler-to.html.

      She liked drinking out of our cups or a wide straw to start. I LOVE the Take and Toss cups at Target. They are super cheap (only $2.99) and have the straw or sippy cup option. They aren’t spill-proof but I found the ones that were, I couldn’t even get anything out of it. I think instant gratification was the key to success for us.

      Hope that helps!! Good luck!

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