i’m so over today // my winter baby clothes haul

I can’t even today. I literally can’t. If you could see this moment right now, it’s Palmer screaming in my face as I just try and escape for a moment. Today I felt like I couldn’t parent. I just want to go to sleep, wake up tomorrow and try again.

[pause, heavy sigh and deep breath]

She’s clearly very tired right now. Red, droopy eyes and very fussy. I put her in her crib. It doesn’t seem to be making a difference. I was hoping to let her CIO a little bit and maybe she would take a nap in there. It’s exhausting listening to her scream and I’m sure she is getting sick of doing it.


I have tried everything at this point. Swaddling, holding her close, giving her puffs, listening to Baby Vuvu.. they are very temporary distractions and we quickly return to this screaming fit.

I keep thinking it’s maybe her teeth. She’s been drooling and I can feel the top left tooth cutting through right now. She’s gnawing on Wubba like crazy. Tylenol might be the best option at this point.

Update: Erin just got home so, of course, Palmer is on her best behavior.

Anyway, now that she’s in the best mood ever with her dad, I can share the adorable clothes we picked up yesterday. I decided enough was enough and we were going to try and start wearing some 9-mo clothes. They are still a little big (super long) but it works. And since the holidays are coming up and we have lots of “occasions” to go to, we went on a little shopping spree.

First stop was Carters. They were having a HUGE sale – 50% off everything in the store. Plus, if you sign up for their rewards program you can get an additional 25% off your purchase of $40 or more. Sooooo…. I got a bunch of super cute stuff for basically nothing! For about $50, I bought 2 jackets, 2 shirts and two shirt/pant sets. Pretty good deal to me!

IMG_6973I was actually searching for more leggings so I decided to stop by Old Navy and they were having a big Veteran’s Day sale too – up to 60% off everything in the store. Oh Em Gee… everything was so cute. Lots of plaids and cute wintery clothes….

IMG_6969I could have spent soooo much in that store but ended up walking out with just a couple of items. For less than $40, I bought a pair of grey baby jeans, 2 shirt/pants sets and a pair of little booties.

IMG_6972I love how their clothes don’t scream “LOOK AT ME… I’M A BABY… aka Daddy’s Little Kitty Cat”. It’s a little more grown up version… or basically toddler clothes. Hey… when you’re looking at 9-mo clothes, that’s hard to find.

IMG_6970-1Can’t wait to bust these out during the cooler months! Seriously… how cute are those boots???!!!


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