weekend roundup – making time for married life dates

I can’t believe I never posted my weekend wrap up last week! And it was actually pretty awesome! Since having Palmer, we’ve gone on a couple of little dates but a majority of them were really events (holiday party, class reunion) so it wasn’t like it was just time for me and Erin. Since Erin is super busy during the work week, he likes to spend family time with me and Palmer on the weekends. “Dates” are usually accompanied by an adorable little baby. Last weekend, I decided to change that!

Erin loves movies. He always wants to go to the movie theater. I don’t really like going to the movies. Well I mean, I don’t mind it but I’m pretty picky about the type of movies I see and I usually fall asleep so I always view it as kind of a waste of money. Unless there is White Cheddar popcorn seasoning… then I’m in. πŸ˜‰


Well, since Erin been crazy busy with work and I’m always tired because of the crying, teething baby so we needed a little time away to hang out. I talked to Erin’s mom and asked her to watch P. I found a movie that would appeal to both of us and the plan was in action.

The house was a disaster and there was no way I was going to make my ILs watch P in this filth so I came up with the plan to just get the house in order (it needed it anyway). We cleaned the inside of the house, Erin mowed the front yard and we planned to go and run errands for the rest of our day. Boring, married weekend.

Everything was timed perfectly. Just as we were “getting ready to leave the house”, Erin’s parents showed up “unannounced”. They came inside and Erin explained we were actually just about to leave. My MIL asked where and before Erin could say anything further, I said… “On a date”. Erin was so confused. He looked and me and said “What??????” I said, we are going on a date. Your parents are going to watch P. Honestly, it looked like we told him he was going to Disneyland. He was so caught off guard.


Within minutes we were off to our surprise date. The best and worst thing about knowing your other half so well is that surprises fizzle within minutes. Erin almost immediately knew we were going to the movies, which was fine. I wasn’t even giving hints!

We decided to see The Intern, with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. It was cute, funny and a little sad. We ordered a huge popcorn and finished almost the whole thing before the movie even started. The theater we went to just converted their seating to plush recliner chairs and it was really nice! I think they are changing it into a Dine In concept so I’m excited to go back when everything is completed.

Then we went enjoyed a dinner. Wow. I forgot what it’s like to enjoy a meal without a toddler screaming in your face for fries. How refreshing.


Then, this weekend we had another day date! We went out to the ASU game. It’s been a rough season for us so we didn’t have high hopes for the game but the tickets were given to us and they were great seats so we went along with it. The weather was questionable that morning and it was supposed to be a little cool… it wasn’t. It was hot as balls. Just ask our burnt faces.


Erin always wears a Titleist hat and I really like it when he does his hair. I begggggggged him to not wear a hat and he ended up getting burned, literally. The entire side of his face is like 15 shades darker than the rest of his face.


So that was the bad part of the day, best part (besides spending time with my BFF)…. definitely a *surprising* Sun Devils win!! I had no faith and they pulled it off with a couple interceptions in the 4th quarter. Way to go Devils!!


We finished off our little date with a trip to the Cornish Pasty Co. I’ve always heard of people going to this place and I was soooo excited to try it myself. If you’ve never had a pasty (which I hadn’t), it’s like an adult hot pocket. Um, delicious. I was so full after eating that I basically needed to be rolled out of there.


So that’s it… 2 weekends, 2 dates. Hopefully we can keep this up at least once a month.


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