More Teething Nightmares

Um hello new WordPress editor… I was so confused with the new format when I tried to create a new post because everything had changed so much. I guess this serves as a nice reminder not to ignore your blog for well over a week.


look at those little teethers showing off

So lately I’ve been in #momlife hell… teething hell that is. When P’s teeth weren’t growing in before I was like… whatever, I hope they all come in at one time.

[insert picture of me eating my words here]

Terrible idea.


With at least four teeth cutting through on top and another one on the bottom… it’s been a miserable couple of weeks. Tylenol has been our friend through it all.


It also seems like she is going through a bit of a growth spurt. She’s eating like crazy and I can clearly see she is gaining a lot of weight. Maybe all that not growing is going to catch up to us now. She has this big ol’ belly every time she eats now.


We have fully weaned her to regular whole milk (someone please tell my boobs). Luckily I was only doing 1x a day but it’s taking awhile to adjust. I’ve tried everything… warm showers, cabbage, dehydration… it’s gotten so uncomfortable that I have hand-expressed a couple of times just to relieve the pressure. I’ve gotten this intense pain in my armpits and I figured it’s all related since it started at the same time as the weaning. I hope it all sorts itself out soon.


She loves milk. Like she doesn’t even miss having a bottle, unless one of her friends have a bottle. She drinks milk through the straw sippy cup and water through the normal sippy cup. I don’t know why we separate them like that but it works for us. She always signs for milk, which usually means she wants something to drink. If she’s super upset, I’ll give her milk. If not, I try and pass her some water and she doesn’t care. We also started giving her “cookies”, which are animal crackers. She wants them all day, errrry day.

I’m going to introduce peanut butter next, which I’m super excited/nervous about!! I hope she likes it as much as we do. πŸ™‚ Well, and that she doesn’t have any allergies to it. I have this intense fear that she’ll swell up from eating it but I’m sure it will all be fine and that’s just my own fear and anxiety talking.

Also, I was tagged/nominated for a 3 Quote Challenge before I completely neglected my blog by JessaDreamer. Thank you so much for thinking of me! I have a tough time thinking up my favorite quotes so I’m going to stick with some mom-related ones to go with this post.

I’d also like to nominate a couple of bloggy friends:

Sparkle Me Happy




f2c77ec4b4cfe8b9f385d25329cacc6cThat’s my little baby update for right now.


7 thoughts on “More Teething Nightmares

  1. Linda says:

    Just an FYI on the peanut butter. Larry and I took a CPR class a week ago, and the EMT warned about giving a spoonful of peanut butter to kids. Apparently they can swallow the whole spoonful and since it’s not solid, it can get stuck in their throat and hymlick maneuver won’t pop it out. Not sure how to introduce it safely…he didn’t say, but maybe a little spread on cracker or fruit. Maybe your doctor has suggestion. Never heard this before, but he had seen it happen.

    • justaudrey says:

      Thank you!! Good to know! I was going to start reading up on it and see the best way to introduce it. Originally I was going to put a little bit on my finger and let her try it.

  2. playinghousewi says:

    a) THOSE THIGHS!! I can’t even. SO cute and smooshy. b) We still haven’t done peanut butter… ugh. I keep putting it off! Make sure to have baby Benadryl on-hand just in case! And let us know how it goes!

  3. jalimarie says:

    She is so adorable. This reminds me of my son he’s two now but he started teething when he was about three months. His first tooth didn’t cut until he was about 11 months so it was really rough those months that he didn’t have anything Tylenol is our best friend to. Now his back last molars are coming in and to be honest it’s held so I do feel your pain.

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