1 Year – 1 Month


I had been going back and forth deciding if I am going to continue to monthly updates past the year mark and I decided just to forge ahead and do them. I mean… it’s basically like 2 or so weeks after I should have posted this but “better late than never”.

Obviously everything is all crazy now that little P is walking! It’s adorable. My new obsession??? Shoes. Lots of shoes. I love those little moccs and so I picked up a couple pairs online at two shops, SweetNSwag and Monkey Feet USA. Both are awesome! If you aren’t following them on Instagram, do it now! Couple of my favorite things about them?? SweetNSwag are packaged in cute little boxes (I’m a sucker for packaging). Also, they all stay on so well. P is lucky if she is able to get these shoes off, especially if she’s wearing socks.

Teeth are cruising in like crazy. I honestly can’t believe how many are on their way in but good luck trying to take a look. She’ll bite your finger off. She hates showing off her teeth. Ugh.

She’s so social. All she wants to do is be surrounded by people and have them talk to her. We can get our fill of new faces at Target and Costco.

Weight: 17 lbs, 6.4 oz (at home estimate)

Length: 27.5″ (at home estimate)

Diaper Size: Pampers Cruisers Size 3

Clothing Size: 9 month clothes – 6 month pajamas

Health: Awesome!!

Sleep: A couple issues during monster teething week but we are back to normal now

Diet: Breakfast – Regular Cereal & Milk; Lunch – Leftovers/Quesadilla/Whatever I’m Eating, Cutie Clementine & Milk ; Dinner – Whatever we are eating & Milk – I need to work on adding in healthy snacks during the day. She loves animal crackers and will eat them any chance she can.

Baby Gear Love: Walking Activity Toys

Loves: Walking, Dancing, Kisses, Hugs, Peek-A-Boo, Milk, Animal Crackers, Getting Held By Strangers (EEK)

Dislikes: Nothing really… maybe just headbands, socks, getting the boogies sucked out…. and when we try and look at her teeth. No really, she freaking hates that.

Milestones: Walking, fully weaned, learning lots of new signs

Saying: Mama, Dada, Go (Tyson),

Signing: Dirty, Water, Eat,

Looking forward to: Showing P the Christmas lights

Goals for next month: More words/signs!


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