Hardware Store Diva

Honestly… you can just call me Miss Fix-It. I’ve been doing projects around this place like it’s my job (wait, is it my job??). This house is full of projects. Things break. Being a home owner sucks.

Like when your dog runs into the door and rips off the little lock to your master bedroom and you try 5000 different things to fix it only for it to look like the disaster below. Or when the people that flipped your house decide to put in a fake deadbolt. Thanks for that.


So remember like years ago during my 30-day blogging challenge I had some short-term goals??? Yeah… those went out of my mind as quickly as I typed them out for this blog. So the first thing on my list was refinishing a mishmash of chairs and a table and I wanted it to be this adorable little place for us. But then nothing happened. And it just sat here. And I painted one chair… and then it sat here…. and then I finally got to painting another…. and it sat here. You can see where this is going. So now months later, I had a disaster of an unfinished project. I decided last week that enough was enough. I was going to finish that table, chairs and all the other unfinished projects throughout the house… and I did.

Just a refresher, this was before:


And after:


*ahhhh* so happy to have a dining room table again.

So what exactly did I do on my DIY rampage??

  • Well, duh…. the table and chairs. This project nearly destroyed any confidence I had in DIY projects but finally, after what felt like a lifetime, it’s completed.
  • Fixed the master bedroom door hinge (originally ripped off by an over-excited boxer)
  • Made the random deadbolt on our door functional by putting an actual lock in
  • Adding the peep hole to the front door (that we purchased 8 months ago)
  • Washed swept up the front patio area (and switched out the rug)
  • Added a more festive rug (originally from front patio) to the back and created a faux table on top of a drink container
  • Hung new string lights in the backyard
  • Adding a new outdoor dining light to our future outdoor dining space

And that’s it…. Phew. Lots of stuff getting down ’round here.

Next on my list is decorating with Christmas decorations! Before that, I need a drink… or two.


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