Creative Advent Calendars

Remember when you were little and the only advent calendars that existed were the little cardboard ones with the terrible chocolates inside? Yeah… good times.

Well, things have gotten a lot more interesting in the world of advent calendars. A couple of years ago, we got this cute little one from Erin’s mom and enclosed each box is a cute little item (like an ornament or little trinket).


I swear though… it’s like advent calendars have EXPLODED (Thanks Pinterest) and are EVERYWHERE. This year we were gifted 2 new advent calendars.



Erin received a “25 days of Bourbon” Advent Calendar (dangerous if you ask me). Each day is a different bourbon, many from smaller distilleries around the country. I actually stole a couple of them to put in the Bourbon Pumpkin Pie from Thanksgiving so we didn’t have to go out and buy a bottle for the house. We did a little bit of research into the bottles that were in the calendar and one of them retails for almost $400 for a full bottle. And that was actually the kind Erin was going to give me for the pie (before he looked it up of course). Crazy!


The other advent calendar we received was for little P. Erin’s mom wrapped up Christmas books (new and old) and numbered them. Each night we sit down and try and read the book to P. She’s not super into story time so sometimes it’s hard to get her to focus but we’re getting there. It usually turns into Palmer running around the house squaking and Erin and I reading a children’s Christmas book together. Oh well, family time.

Next year I want to create one of these activity advent calendars. I think it would be so fun to do with Palmer because she’ll be a little more coordinated. πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “Creative Advent Calendars

  1. HappyFamily says:

    I have never thought of a liquor advent calendar. Love it. We are doing the books for a countdown as well. Our daughter loves it and last year it was a really good warm up for the big day.

  2. Lori says:

    Love to see her with some of Erin’s favorite books. I’m sure she will be more into reading them next year. She is learning how to unwrap gifts. MIL

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