Weekend Roundup – Holiday Parties Have Begun…

It’s December! And December means holiday parties… lots of them. We started out the weekend with Erin’s company party. It’s nice because we both get really dressed up and have a nice night out. I wear makeup and look like a regular human being. I heard “OMG… I didn’t recognize you” more than once… I’m not sure how to take that.


Anyway, we stopped at The Henry before we went to the party for a little food. It was so nice! I had a delicious grapefruit vodka drink thing and it was sooo good! We had short rib potstickers (amazing), some asparagus on Texas toast with poached eggs and a brussel sprout caesar salad.

So. Good.


Then we went to the party and danced, took some photos and when my feet were beyond swollen from shoving them into some tall heels, we were ready to go.




The next day was a lazy day (surprise). Erin actually spent the day at the golf course for a work tournament and I lounged around the house. Very productive.

Sunday we enjoyed a cute little lunch date with our BCFFL and P got to play with her BFF. I can’t wait for them both to be the same size. It will be adorable.


Later on that evening, we got an invitation to a tamale making party. Uhh… yes… I’ve never made tamales so I was super excited. I was really nervous because I always thought tamales were very difficult to make but actually, they are just super time consuming and require a lot of people to get them done quickly!


There were so many different combinations – beef, pork, beef and pork, vegetarian, bean, turkey… Phew. And each one was wrapped a different way. I was responsible for the rolling. I like to think it was the most important task but I’m pretty sure the masa part is.


It was super cool and I got to enjoy a couple of them! Worth every roll!


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