Rockin’ Holiday Photos Test

I LOVED our wedding photographer. She was amazing and totally captured all of the special moments (despite a rocky boat and a sick bride). If you are in need of ANY photo services and you are in Santa Barbara, be sure to check out Ashleigh Taylor Photography. I promise. She’s awesome.


Anyway, she hosted a webinar yesterday on “The Four Essential Tricks To Capturing Beautiful Holiday Photos of Your Kids”. I was soo excited to catch this webinar and learn more about photography. I got a basic DSLR camera a couple of years ago and haven’t really played with it. I thought maybe this webinar might give me a little more confidence and support while trying to take photos of P.


My biggest problems in the past have been lighting (the number one thing in capturing the perfect image) and getting along with my subject. She said in order to get the most fool-proof lighting, schedule your shoot during the magic hour, which is an hour or so before sunset. You also want to take photos with the glorious sun behind your subject – even better if the beams peak through trees to create a glowing background.


One of my favorite tips she mentioned is to basically have a little chat with yourself and state your intention for the shoot. She also reassured everyone that it’s totally okay to just get 2 photos or so out of a session with kids. So go in expecting to get 2 awesome photos and you won’t be setting yourself to fail.


I decided to put some of her tips to use with a mini photo shoot in our front yard. My front yard is pretty big and is flooded with light in the afternoon so I decided to run out there and try and take advantage of the beautiful magic hour light.


The struggle was real for most of it as she was definitely was on the move and wasn’t feeling the styling (aka headband) but I did get a couple shots that I loved (I kept trying to remember my intention for the day!). I don’t know my way around LightRoom but I have the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription (for other design needs) so I decided to try that out too. Plus you can use it on your iPhone too! OMG… it’s awesome. I still need to really understand how to use it but it was pretty cool just to play with these photos. The photos themselves aren’t perfect but that’s okay because at least I’m making an effort. How cute is my little model though??? Presh.


Hoping I can do this more often in the future because it was really fun. Also, you should follow Ashleigh Taylor on Facebook because she’s going to host more webinars like this in the future for moms so they can take awesome photos for their kids every day!



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