Weekend Roundup – Latkes + Tamales

It feels like it’s been a super long weekend. Erin took off Friday so it was a 3-day weekend for us.We kicked off the weekend with the trip to get blood work done for P. Nothing wrong but I guess maybe standard yearly stuff? It was ordered at her 12 mo appointment and we just needed to get it done before her 15 mo appointment next month. Poor little P and her tiny veins. The tech struggled to find her vein and kept wiggling the needle back and forth. Needless to say, Palmer was not a fan. She cried until they took the elastic band off. Then she just gave everyone dirty looks.

Friday night was our friend’s annual Hanukkah party. We aren’t Jewish but this party is something we look forward to every year. Everyone is so nice and the latkes are amazing. Plus this awesome broccoli, chicken and cheese rice dish… Seriously so good. I feel like I could eat 50 of them in one sitting but I’m not an animal.


Saturday night we went to another friend’s house for a Mexican-style holiday celebration. Tamales. Everywhere. Again, we had to restrain ourselves so we didn’t eat everything but it was awesome. Even better? These were the tamales we made last weekend! Tasting our hard work literally rolled into tamale form was worth it.

We also finished up almost all our Christmas shopping this weekend, which is a huge relief. I think we have one or two more things to pick up. I think I want to get P a little backpack or purse. She loves getting into purses so it would be nice if it wasn’t mine for once. πŸ˜‰


Palmer came down with something Sunday afternoon and slept like a newborn basically all day. It has actually continued into today. She has a slightly high temperature (99.1-100.4) so I’ve been treating it with lots of sleep, fluids and Tylenol, when necessary. She’s been super clingy and tired. I’m not quite sure what she has since she’s never been sick like this before so I’m just watching her to see how things progress. Hoping things get better in the next day or so because I want to take her to see Santa.


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