Polar Express | McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

Last night was so fun. I met Erin after work and went over to the train park in Scottsdale for a little holiday night light fun. They have the entire park decked out in Christmas lights and decorations with a special train ride after sunset.


We got there a little early so we played around the park, pushed Palmer on the swings and even took her down a slide. She was a little nervous the first couple of times going down alone on a small slide. Then, I went down a super big, bumpy slide with her on my lap. I think we were both equally terrified. IMG_7651

And then the train ride… really the only reason we decided to come to the park. The line was incredibly long and we were waiting and waiting to hop on the train. Totally worth the wait. I planned to take a bunch of photos on the ride but, honestly, I was so in awe of the decorations and the lights that I only got a couple.


One of the coolest things is that they had a foam machine that shot out and made it look like it was snowing. Palmer’s eyes were so wide the entire time just taking it all in.

They  have a bunch of other fun activities too. You can meet Santa in a train car or ride the carousel. I’m sure there is more but our cranky elf had passed way too many naps so we needed to call it a night.


Definitely becoming a tradition for years to come!



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