Santa!! I know him!!

We finally made our way over to see Santa today and it was awesome. I was very proud of Palmer for 1. keeping her cool while sitting on Santa’s lap 2. being sweet and patient in line/entertaining everyone and 3. keeping her headband on throughout all the photos. The last one was a Christmas miracle.

1_KIERLAND COMMON_20151221_000003_P

I was a little bummed that I we didn’t get a photo of her smiling but she was adorable anyway. She’s the only little kid we saw that didn’t cry while she sat on her lap alone there so that’s a little win for us as parents. She did cry when we decided to jump in for a family photo. I’m pretty sure she just doesn’t like sharing the spotlight.

1_20151221_000004 (1)

1_20151221_000007 (1)

1_20151221_000002 (1)

my favorite photo.. “the Sloth” face.


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