1 Year + 2 Months (14 Months)


This is very late… what’s new?

Before I became a mom, I thought full on tantrums didn’t start until kids turned 2. I was so wrong. This month Palmer learned how to throw fits… and they are huge. She throws them for all sorts of reasons, and some just because. She straightens her body and flails around. She just lays on the ground screaming and crying real tears. Sometimes/Most of the time, she just stands in front of you screaming as loud as she can and pulls on your legs. These tantrums are my biggest headache at this point.

She’s adorable when she isn’t throwing fits. Like when she gives kisses to us and lots of big hugs. Sometimes she just likes hanging out with me and watching Mickey Mouse. She also will just cozy up with her stuffed animals. She loves playing games with us. She’s super musical (obviously didn’t get that from me) and her favorite toy right now is a cat keyboard.

Weight: 19 lbs, 4 oz (doctor scale)

Length:Β 28β€³ (at home estimate)

Diaper Size: Pampers Cruisers Size 3

Clothing Size: We are all over the board right now. 12 mo pants, 6/9 mo onesies and shirts, 9 mo pajamas

Health: Much better now! We battled our first weird cold-thing. More than a week of coughing, wheezing and just general yuckiness. We went to the doctor twice as it just wouldn’t quit as we approached Christmas Day. Thankfully, it’s over now.

Sleep: At night? Great! During the Day? Forced.

Diet: She’s SO hungry! All the time!! She’s like a never ending pit of hunger. She’ll eat and eat and eat and ask for more food. I mean, if she’s not full, I should feed her right?

Baby Gear Love: Currently loving the carseat for naps.

Loves: Peek-A-Boo (ALL DAY), running, hiding, eating, dancing, baths, screaming, throwing tantrums

Dislikes: Naps

Milestones: Nothing huge this month. Super steady on her feet. Can open wrapped gifts on her own.

Saying: Nothing new

Signing: Thank you

Looking forward to: New Years!

Goals for next month: Hopefully more talking


5 thoughts on “1 Year + 2 Months (14 Months)

  1. akw62307 says:

    I’m starting to see the temper tantrums come out in Mackenzie too. Thankfully right now they’re short and not too frequent. We try to redirect her behavior to focus on something else when she does have one, seems to be working ok.

    You’re right about Palmer putting on some weight these last couple months!

    The pictures are adorable as always. I need to get some of those moccasins for Mackenzie!

  2. playinghousewi says:

    Ugh the temper tantrums. I call it projectile crying. I can’t stand it. Hurts my brain/heart/etc. As for the eating, I’d just keep feeding her until she’s full! We’re at 17.5 months and all of a sudden struggling to get her to eat.

    • justaudrey says:

      My husband and I just look at each other confused when she starts going…. WTF?? They seem to come out of nowhere!

      I think we are going to try the feeding until she says no. It seems like that’s what all the sources I looked at said. Tonight she had a tortilla with cheese, steak, and peas… was still hungry. We gave her a cutie. Still hungry. Polished off an egg and a glass of milk and was finally full. Where does it all go?

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