Delayed Christmas Post

Remember when Christmas happened and then I was going to write a post about it but then I just decided to neglect my blog? Oh yeah…

So Christmas was last week. A little bit of a bummer is that I decided not to take a bunch of photos… just “living in the moment” so I only have a couple things to share. Boo.

We were super excited because this year was going to be Palmer’s first real Christmas (since she was just a ball of squishiness last year). It was so much more fun! She actually opened gifts and reacted to what she was opening.

We spent Christmas Eve at my ILs house. We had a delicious brisket, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans. So. Freaking. Good.


Erin’s family has had a Santa suit for many, many years and it has become a big tradition for their family to dress up during the season. The Santa suit has seen better days. To be fair, it’s older than my mom. It was purchased in 1955 and everyone (man and woman) has dressed up in the suit. For not being afraid of anyone, Palmer was a little frightened of Erin in the Santa suit. His stint as Santa was short-lived as he removed the beard to show her everything was okay.


For Christmas day, we decided to go with 3 gifts (symbolizing the 3 gifts brought by the wise men when Jesus was born) and one big gift from Santa. So from us, Palmer got:

  1. New Clothes
  2. Oversized Stuffed Elephant +Zoo Membership
  3. Backpack and Playdoh fun pack

Santa gift: Cozy Coupe

She also got a stocking full of music toys, another outfit, new wubba and an ASU hat (it’s freaking adorable). She literally squealed opening each gift. It was hilarious. And omg… the cozy coupe. She was obsessed. She just kept going in and out of the car. It was a serious hit.


She was spoiled by her grandparents and everyone else. I’ll try and list out everything (I’m trying to remember… eek) because she was seriously so excited about all her gifts: Large building blocks, toy lawn mower, puffs, personalized purse, squeaky Wee shoes, more clothes, Mother Goose talking toy, Barbie, bath foam, block toy/wagon, popper push toy, fun music toy, and a steering wheel. I know there is more but honestly, I can’t remember.

It was so much fun. I know next year will be better because we can come up with her Christmas list. It’ll be fun to do cookie decorating and go play in the snow.




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