Weekend Roundup – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!


We spent NYE counting down with friends at their annual party. It was a lot of fun. P was a little social butterfly until about 8 and we decided it was time for her to go nigh-night. We set her up in the pack and play and *thankfully* she was out within 20 min. I was surprised it was so quick. Plus, she stayed out… until we left to go home. Those little eyes were just up. I thought she would just go to bed (it was after 2am) but instead, she just sat in her bed playing for about 40 minutes while I watched her on the monitor and Erin snored beside me. Needless to say, I was exhausted the next day.


Friday was the Michigan game so P was twinning with her bestie Reagan in some Michigan rompers. Adorable.



But the parties don’t stop! The next day, we went over to Erin’s aunt’s house for a little “sip and see” in honor of their new grandbaby, Nami. She was born in October and they decided to host a little get-together for everyone to see her. Palmer met a little 22-mo girl at the party and looooovvvvveeeed her. She kept hugging and kissing her. Thankfully the little girl was into it and hugged her back. They kept hugging and hugging until they toppled all over each other and onto the cement. Nbd. They were fine. P just needed a wubba and a diaper change and we were back to hugging friends.

That night was the Motel 6 Cactus Bowl – ASU’s bowl game. As always, I had low expectations for our terrible quarterback, Mike Bercovici. I’m so thankful that guy is done this year. Anyway, the game was on super late and I stayed up to watch it and was super disappointed in the result. Lost by 1 point. Boo.


Sunday was a lot of laziness. Naps were a struggle for Palmer. It took more than 4 hours to get her down and we had to stop to give her lunch in the middle of it.

I did manage to get to the grocery store. My total number of steps between Saturday and Sunday were less than my daily average. Pathetic. My Fitbit was basically screaming at me to get off my butt and move around. I didn’t listen though. I think I’m going to go to the zoo this week and make up for the lack of movement this weekend.


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