Craft Day – Fingerpainting

I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…

Jk… That’s just my walls… And my child… And my entire house. 

We tried giving arts and crafts another shot with some canvas painting. I thought I would have a true Picasso in front of me but instead, it was more like watching a 14-month-old trying to shovel blue paint in her mouth (non-toxic of course). She did grab the paint brush a couple of times and put it on the canvas, but most of the time she was just painting her leg or the inside of her mouth. I rushed her over to the sink probably 3 times to get the blue out of her mouth. A bath was much needed after this adventure. I think we will just stick to crayons and paper now.

Hot. Mess. 



7 thoughts on “Craft Day – Fingerpainting

  1. ProjectMom says:

    This reminded of me doing art projects in the kitchen with my twin toddlers. I couldn’t keep up with them so got paint everywhere! When we finished our basement I created an art room with a sink – best idea ever…. I just started a blog and came across yours on my Reader. Fun posts!

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