Last post January 4th!!?? What is wrong with me?? I’m usually much better about keeping up but I start posts and just never finish them. I promise they are coming soon.

I’ve been a little lost lately. Erin was in South Carolina for 5 days last week for a sales conference so little P kept me on my toes. It was nice to have him home for the 3-day weekend. I’d like to say that we did a lot but I don’t think we did. It was a lot of football… a lot.

The Cardinals defeated my Packers this weekend in a remarkable game. Seriously, it was intense. I mean, if I can’t see the Packers go to the Superbowl… at least it’s the Cardinals. I was SOOOO happy the Seahawks lost to Carolina. They put up a good fight at the end but it was too little, too late.

P turns 15 months this week so I’m looking forward to her appointment in a couple days. She has grown like crazy these past couple months so it’ll be interested to see how she measures up.

We have recently decided to stop eating out (unless we had a gift card or something). It is a huge deal! I’ve been planning out a weekly schedule, going to the grocery store, and making meals every day. I’m getting better and better in the kitchen. Thank you Pinterest. Palmer has loved everything I’ve made so that’s reassuring and I’m even eating leftovers (because it’s so good). It’s a game changer. I’m hoping we can keep this up. We spend so much dining out just out of convenience. I find that pre-planning (and purchasing weekly food) has really helped keep us on focused on eating what we have in the house and it’s helping keep us on a normal food budget.

Look out for P’s monthly update in a couple of days!


3 thoughts on “WHERE HAVE I BEEN???!!!

  1. playinghousewi says:

    You need to post recipes!! I’m always looking for new options… Especially toddler approved recipes! Also, poor packers! But at least we got to see Aaron throw one more magical Hail Mary!

    • justaudrey says:

      I made taco soup last week and Palmer ate all of it up (and begged for more): http://www.chef-in-training.com/2016/01/best-ever-taco-soup/

      She loves tomatoes so this recipe was perfect. I got a mix of petite diced and regular diced tomatoes so it was still a little chunky. I finished it with a squeeze of lime, sour cream, avocado, crushed tortilla chips and a little bit of cheese. It’s a little spicy (not hot) but it didn’t seem to bother her little baby palette. So many leftovers and delicious the next day (and the day after that… And day after that).

  2. Mary Mack says:

    Happy your back, nice to hear whats going on in your lives, you are a good writter. Never a dull moment. Anxious to see Palmer again. She is gowing to fast. So cute. Darn COLD in Il.
    They have many cooking shows on TV. if you find time. Love Aunt Mary

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