Dirty House


Life with a toddler is like having someone clean your house and they put things away in all the weird spots… but instead of having my house be clean, it’s actually a disaster with things thrown all over the place.

The baby wash is in the kitchen.

My car key is lost somewhere.

Diapers in the living room.

Why are there random high heels sitting on the toilet?

There are toys everywhere (dog toys and children toys).

And I’m continuing to find sippy cups in areas I didn’t know they could fit.

I used to clean up after each mess. Sometimes I still do but most of the time I just accept the fact that the house is a disaster and wait until my sweet little monster is asleep before I attempt to put things back in their proper place.


drama queen


Palmer also has approximately 500 teeth coming in right now so she’s lovely. I’m not complaining… just simply stating the obvious. She doesn’t really like when I try and comfort her during her fits. This has been a learning process for us. Now I just let her throw her tantrum, explain that her behavior is not okay and she won’t get a great response if she’s screaming, and move on with whatever task is going on. I know she doesn’t understand the explanation but I’m hoping the strategy will work moving forward and hopefully it will just be me being consistent.

My dog is also being an a-hole. He’s so up in everyone’s business and won’t listen. And barks…. ALL. THE. TIME. I’ve had to resort to blocking off parts of the house that we are in while Palmer is eating so he doesn’t try and sneak food.

Maybe I’m just being testy.

Luckily she went down super easy last night. I was able to pick up the disaster throughout the house and relax for a bit in bed. I just hope I can get her back into her normal routine and napping! This no nap business is no bueno!



3 thoughts on “Dirty House

    • justaudrey says:

      It’s tough sometimes. I’m still trying to figure out what works each day. I think it always helps knowing I’m in the same boat as many other moms. I just enjoy each day and do the best I can!

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