Baby #2 – First Trimester (Weeks 4-12)

Instead of doing long weekly posts for each one of these, I just included a little recap of the week & possibly a progression photo. It’s long but gives a good reason why I’ve been a little MIA lately.

Week 4:

It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions this week. Was I this crazy last time? Erin says yes. He said that’s why he thought I was pregnant. I totally forgot all the things that come along with being pregnant, like the sickness… random crying (terrible time for a pregnant woman during Christmas wish season)… and the strange dreams… and of course my favorite, pregnancy brain. I had a late night snack this week (ice cream) and noticed the next morning I put it in the fridge, not freezer. I’ve taken so many pregnancy tests to make sure this is real. As the color deepens on my $ store tests, I can confirm this is in fact happening.

I’m already down a couple pounds. I guess that’s the joy of the early parts of pregnancy… the baby eats up all the fat stored up for the winter. It’ll be interesting to see how different this pregnancy is as a SAHM compared to working a million hours a week. Don’t worry, I know those pounds will come back will come back ten fold. I’ve been eating like a monster lately. Always. So. Hungry.

No photo this week… I just can’t even be bothered with a photo.

Week 5:

Welp, if we thought the craziness was going to go down going into this week, we were wrong. Crazy Audrey has been quadrupled. Poor Erin. I wish I had documented these early weeks last time to prepare myself for the rage. Pregnancy is supposed to be blissful. Christmas is supposed to be blissful. WTF.

Still hungry. Dealing with a constant headache. Luckily nausea is down so now I’m just a tired, cranky, slightly bloated pregnant lady with a headache. We keep toying with the idea of announcing the pregnancy to select family at Christmas. Decided against it because we want to hear the heartbeat, see the ultrasound… you know… check it all out. At the last minute, we changed our mind and told Erin’s parents and my mom. Obviously they were excited. Seriously looking forward to January. 4 more weeks until our first appointment!

Again… no photo. No.

Week 6:

Three words to explain this week are exhaustion, nausea and bloated. I have been sleeping so much this week. I’m seriously so thankful that Erin has been home because it’s been a Godsend while I’m battling this terrible nausea. I spent most of the day napping, or hunched in the fetal position just hoping to have the sick feeling pass. I look like I have a spare tire around my midsection so I’m not really interested in people seeing me. It’s been a huge funk this week and I’m hoping next week is a little better.

No photo.

Week 7:

There are definite good and bad side effects of pregnancy. The good this week? My skin is glowing and crazy clear. I washed my face one night and was amazed at what was staring back at me. With the lack of sleep I’ve been getting at night, I was surprised to see that it looked like I just got a facial at a spa. It was definitely not like last pregnancy when I had a major rash and breakout. The bad? Oh yeah… nausea. So much nausea.

No photo. I can’t even.

Week 8:Β 

I feel like this is a big week. I’m 2 months in! I feel like a monster. Erin was out of town this week in South Carolina for a sales conference. I thought it would be worse than it was but we handled it just fine. I’m just tired. Luckily Palmer is too so I get a lot of opportunities for naps. My weight has been going down. I’m super nervous that I’m pregnant with twins. I am looking forward to my appointment next week so I can actually confirm it’s just one. Plus I can’t wait to see this little nugget.

No photo… get your act together Audrey!!

Week 9:

It’s officially week 9 and we finally got to meet our baby today… well via ultrasound. It’s like the most magical and reassuring moment ever. During our ultrasound, the tech noticed there was some blood and she said that it’s probably a subchorionic hemorrhage. She said it was likely that I will bleed in the future, which makes me a little nervous. I haven’t had any bleeding yet and when I followed up with my doctor’s assistant, she said the tech didn’t even note the SH. I guess we’ll see how it changes with our next ultrasounds.

The exhaustion and nausea isn’t getting much better but my doctor gave me a sample of some medication that may help so I’m going to try it this weekend. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight (why couldn’t this happen pre-pregnancy??) so I need to start taking in more calories. We also went looking at strollers today. We should have just purchased something we knew would convert to a double knowing we wanted to have kids close in age. Oh well, too late now. At my appointment we discussed doing a VBAC or repeat c/s. I’m super torn over what I should do. My doctor is very open to whatever I choose and has given me a ton of options. I hate making decisions… especially with this pregnancy brain. My doctor was so happy I’m not working at my old job. She was worried that the added stress of my job and taking care of a toddler would really wear me down during this pregnancy.

No photo.

Week 10:

Week 10 has flown by. Maybe I’m still riding the excitement from last week (while counting down until our next appointment). I tried the medication last Saturday and it worked well but I kind of felt a little depressed the next day. Not a great feeling. Some of the nausea has been lifted and I’ve been eating more so I think I’m going to opt out of the medicine moving forward.

I’m still pretty tired. I’ve been reading more about SH and I think it’s good that I’ve been so tired because I’ve essentially put myself on bed rest. I can definitely tell this bump is coming through. I feel like a monster in my belly area. If it’s this big now, I’m afraid to see what it’s going to look like in another 30 weeks.

3 more weeks until my next ultrasound and announcing it to the world!!


complete mom look… greasy hair in ponytail, no makeup, workout pants

Week 11:

What a difference a week makes… I’m feeling GREAT! Nausea is down… energy is up! I can finally eat! And that’s basically all I want to do. I’m eating everything – making up for lost time I guess. Too bad it’s never anything healthy. I just want sugar. I’m glad that I don’t feel like I need to sleep all day though. It’s like this heavy weight of exhaustion has been lifted and I can finally breathe. I’m hoping this continues (maybe not the sugar eating) and it’s not just a tease. I’m getting close to 2nd trimester so I can see the light. Also… only 2 more weeks until we get to see new baby again. Oh and I’m pretty sure I felt the baby this week. Weird little flutters after drinking cold water at night.


Week 12:

Hellooooo Week 12! I was super excited about making it to this point because that means that hopefully I’m in the clear and won’t have any issues with sickness/exhaustion. Unfortunately some terrible nausea/gagging troubles hit me late last week and I’ve felt pretty terrible since. I’m hoping everything clears up by next week… seriously. I’m down more than 10 lbs and terrified to see my doctor next week with more weight off. I mean, I can clearly see weight gain in the shape of a massive bump so clearly the weight is going somewhere. Dr appointment next week and hopefully we see the sex!!!!

No photo this week.


5 thoughts on “Baby #2 – First Trimester (Weeks 4-12)

  1. playinghousewi says:

    Love the updates! Is it terrible that I’m jealous that you lost weight in your first tri? Of course it is… But I’m only human πŸ™‚ You look adorable! Hope you’re feeling well!!

    • justaudrey says:

      Lol well I wish it looked like I had lost the weight. Instead I just have a weird lumpy area for a baby bump and no boobs. I lost about the same weight with p in the beginning and gained 33 during the 2nd and 3rd. It all evens out in the end! πŸ˜‰ Thanks! Hoping all these lovely first tri symptoms start to slow down soon.

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