Baby #2 – 13 Weeks

(Delayed post)

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creepy alien face waving hello

13 weeks and it finally feels like we can be free. We are having another baby!!

It blows your mind how many rude people there are out there when you announce that you’re pregnant. I think the question “were you trying or was this a surprise?” is incredibly insulting. First of all, it’s none of your business if this was intentional or a special miracle. Second of all, we are responsible adults and can control ourselves. We are not the type of people to just be like whoops, looks like there is going to be a baby. Now, that doesn’t mean that the situation doesn’t happen to people but I don’t know why it would be anyone’s business. To answer the obvious… yes, this was very planned.

This week was our NT scan. I was also super excited because there was a 90% chance we could find out the sex of the baby. Well, unfortunately the baby didn’t really want to work with us. It took forever just to get measurements (with a break in the middle for me to drink water and touch my toes to try and get baby to help us out). Ultimately, we ran out of time and we’re able to really take a look at the privates. Boo. Good news was that a nasal bone was present and that the NT measurement was 1.2. We also did some bloodwork so we will find out about that in a couple of days. We had to schedule our next scan for 5 weeks out so we won’t find out the sex until 3/22. I’m hoping I can hold out but if not, I guess we will be calling the place we went to last time for a gender prediction.

The baby was also difficult during our appointment with our OB. She tried getting the heartbeat on the doppler and the little bugger was running away from her. She said that was one of the more difficult ones she’s had to locate because it was so active and stubborn. Lucky me. 🙂

How far along: 13 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Matchbox Car

Symptoms: Still super nauseous… sometimes I wonder how I would handle this pregnancy if I was still working at my old job. This first trimester is kicking my butt. 

Total weight gain: Still negative but remaining positive that things will change in the next few weeks

Maternity clothes: Not yet but I’ll probably be taking out some the old clothes I wore during my last pregnancy soon. They aren’t maternity wear but super comfortable and stretchy. I do need to figure out how to handle this massive bump that is just not looking too cute lately.

Stretch marks: None yet but I need to be better about applying body butter.

Sleep: Terrible. I threw out my back this week and it’s been a struggle. Plus I pee like 1000x every night so there’s that..

Best moment of this week: Ultrasound (despite not finding out the sex)

Miss anything: Not really. 

Movement: For sure. Not as crazy as before but I do feel it. I’ve been experiencing these weird pushing sensations from the inside so that’s been weird. I can’t imagine it would be anything but the baby. It’s such a strange feeling though.

Food cravings: Taco Bell. All day, every day. I don’t think that’s a baby craving though.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Standard nausea. Changing super stinky toddler diapers is not helping.

Have you started to show yet: For sure.

Gender: ?? Stubborn baby.

Labor signs: No

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Actually I’ve been in a great mood. 

Looking forward to: Feeling more wiggles.

13 Week Baby Bump Photo: Sorry, no photo.


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