Empty Blogging Promise

Remember when I swore I would be better about posting and then I just stop. Pop in and just post some big news and then fall of the face of the planet. Yeah… that happened… again.

This time I have a little excuse (or a couple). So last week, I somehow threw out my back like an old woman and struggled to get around. After being on what felt like bed rest for the past 12 weeks, I spent another week laying down as much as possible so I wouldn’t aggravate it any further. No clue what I did or how to fix it. I planned to wait it out and see how it worked itself out before trying to see someone this week for it.

Well, it worked itself out. It suddenly disappeared… just as my “tiny bout with allergies” turned into a full on flu storm. The desert started to heat up last week and my allergies were OOC. Sneezing everywhere. Well, after a few days of that, I started to get some pretty bad congestion and a headache and worried that maybe it had turned into a sinus infection. Terrible but totally manageable. You take take a lot of awesome allergy medications while pregnant so it wasn’t a big deal. Plus, my allergies get this bad every year so it wasn’t really a big deal.

Sunday rolled around and I looked and felt pretty terrible but just congested. Again, manageable.

And then it was Monday. I have no idea what happened throughout the night but I didn’t sleep more than 2 hours at a time. I kept sneezing, coughing, scratchy throat, terrible congestion, overall just bad feeling. I kept up with P in the morning and thankfully she went down for naps and was pretty good but I knew I couldn’t keep up any longer. I asked if Erin might be able to come home and work from home as I try and kick this “sinus infection”. He did and it was a lifesaver. As the day went on, I got worse. Removing clothes, putting layers on, restless, sleeping, coughing, sneezing. Even when the chills started, I was convinced this couldn’t be more than just a sinus infection. No way I was getting sick sick. And then the fever started… and didn’t go down.

Over the next hour I watched as my temperature rose from my standard 97.4 to 98.9, 99.4, 99.9, 100.4 and finally 101.2. In between this time I took a long shower and took some Tylenol. Panicked that it continued to increase, I called my OB. She suspected it’s most likely the flu and called me in a prescription for Tamiflu, which I started taking last night, and recommended that I add in some ibuprofen. Within an hour or two of taking the Tamiflu and ibuprofen, my fever had completely gone away. I was even able to get almost 5 hours of consecutive sleep. It was a miracle. I woke up this morning feeling like an entirely different person.

I need to remember to continue getting rest and taking care of myself, even though I’m feeling better. I’m so lucky to have Erin here to help me out. He has been awesome throughout this whole pregnancy and definitely the past couple of days with me being sick. I’m also lucky his work is so flexible in letting him work from home when these types of mini-emergencies come up. Hopefully this whole thing clears up in a couple of days and things can go back to normal!

Also – Fingers crossed I don’t pass this terrible thing to Palmer. She got a flu shot this year so maybe she’s in the clear!


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