Obsessed: Pillowfort for Target

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 5.23.22 PM.png

Oh. Em. Gee. I’ve been bombarded on Facebook with ads for this new kids home decor line from Target called Pillowfort. After seeing how cute the ad was, I decided it was worth a closer look. I’m seriously obsessed and want everything for new baby’s nursery. The decor elements and pillows are seriously amazing.

Quick (but somewhat relevant) sidebar: Even though we don’t know the gender, I decided to go ahead and order the crib (which will be here Friday). I’m not having another Buy Buy Baby disaster like last time and I really don’t feel like splurging on a crib that converts to a gazillion styles like Palmer’s because what if the kid doesn’t like it when it’s older? Anyway, I wanted a clean and modern crib compared to Palmer’s bed so I found this through Pinterest…


I honestly don’t think the photo does it justice. I looked up a bunch of user reviews and loved the way it looked. It’s actually from Walmart (believe me… I was as surprised as you probably are) and it’s from the Baby Mod collection. Apparently Baby Mod from the same company that produces the Babyletto cribs so it’s basically the same kind of modern design at Walmart prices. This thing was a steal on sale right now for only $150. It was worth buying it and seeing if it will work for us since they are great about returns. Anyway, this post is not about Walmart… so let us move on.

So I bought the crib and I’m super excited. I was trying to visualize the rest of the room when this Pillowfort collection came up and stole my heart. The first thing to pique my interest was this big metal “Wild and Free” sign. It’s huge! And only $35! And currently sold out. 😦 I swear I keep pressing refresh on the screen hoping it will become available online.


I like the idea of either a desert/adventure/bohemian theme going on in the room. Nothing crazy theme-y but I guess it’s still technically a theme. We didn’t go with a real theme in Palmer’s room. It’s just bright colors with shapes but it works. The real direction of this room will depend on whether it’s a boy or girl but I think the items from Pillowfort will work for both.


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