The Day We Found Out (From 12/11)

So it’s Friday, December 11th… super excited because the Hanukkah party is tonight. Super excited for other reasons too.

It’s official. We’re going to be welcoming another little member to our family.


I can’t even believe it. I guess we both thought it would take a little bit of time before we got a positive result so this is a very exciting surprise.

The signs have been super strong lately. First, I’ve been feeling super emotional (okay Erin… borderline crazy). Then, I’ve had a supersonic nose. I can sniff out ANYTHING. I picked up Erin from the airport the other day and as soon as he got into the car, I asked him what he had to drink on the plane. I knew it was vodka. Oh and the crying. Yes, crying at every commercial. Then the sickness…. I don’t remember it being quite this bad. Gagging. All. Day. Lastly the random cramping. My cycle isn’t set to begin until next week and these cramps started a couple of days ago. At first I was scared but after reading it was an early sign of pregnancy, I decided to pop over to the $ store and pick up some tests.

I took my first one a couple of days ago (Tuesday I think). Negative. I knew I took it too soon. Days always feel like months when you are waiting to take another test. So while Erin was taking Palmer for a walk, I decided to try it again. I waited “patiently” playing COC while the 3 minutes passed, walked back to the test and there it was. A faint line.

I don’t respond well to big news, even amazing news like this because it sends my anxious little self into a tail spin. I can’t hold in big secrets. I paced through the house trying to think of what to tell Erin. Those cute, elaborate announcements for husbands wouldn’t work for me. I can’t keep this in for much longer. I found a box, stuffed it with tissue, placed the test inside and wrote on a random thank you card I had. This will do I guess. Not my best work but that’s okay. I thought I could pick up a “Big Sister” t-shirt for Erin and that would accompany my lame announcement so I pulled myself together and called Erin. I told him I needed to run to Target “for something”. I’m surprised he didn’t know something was up because typical Audrey would list out everything I needed to buy… plus my voice was shaking. I ran over to Target… no big sister t-shirt. Boo.

I decided to stick with my original plan. Give him the box. P was asleep on the bed. I just handed him the box (so smooth). He opened it up asking what it was, read the card and his eyes filled up with happy tears. “REEEALLLLY?? Wait, what??? REALLY???”

I tried to record it or take a photo but my shaky hands only got this fuzzy photo.


Best early Christmas present EVER.


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