1 Year + 4 Months (16 Month Update)

IMG_8593 2Every month is so interesting because Palmer’s little personality keeps developing so much. She seriously talks non-stop. We have no clue what she is saying 99% of the time but we figure it out.

She’s incredibly lovey with us. Every morning when she wakes up, she gives us lots of hugs and kisses. If you ask her for snuggles, she’ll give you a big hug and tap your back with her tiny hands. She puckers up and gives big huge kisses any chance she can. She’s seriously so sweet. And omg… she loves reading books. It’s like our special time to just hang out and connect. She picks out the books she likes the best and will back up into our lap. Reading time is never ever just one book. It’s more like 5, or 7, or the same book like 10 times in a row. She freaking loves books.

We’ve been trying to show her that there is a baby inside of my belly. It’s super cute. We’ll say, where is the baby? And she’ll pull up my shirt and wave to the baby or kiss my belly. Sometimes she’ll just rest her head there and talk. I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence but it’s a special little thing.

In the moments where she is angry, she’s usually pretty quick to calm down. It’s usually pretty easy to figure out why she’s mad (hungry or tired). Lately, when she is told no, she will start biting herself. It’s usually on her hand or her arm but we’ve noticed it mostly when she’s tired and she doesn’t agree with what we are saying. For example, when she needs to get out of the bath or we say no more books at bedtime (after we’ve read 7). I’m sticking with my original method of not indulging the behavior and trying to emphasize using words but it seriously scares the crap out of me. She’s almost broke the skin a couple of times and her poor little hand is all red with teeth marks!

Weight: 22 lbs, 6 oz (at home estimate)

Length: I’m honestly not sure. Either the nurse got a crazy measure last month, or this kid is shrinking. I measured 28.75″… which can’t be right since she was significantly taller than that last month. She looks taller but maybe not.

Diaper Size: Pampers Cruisers Size 3

Clothing Size: 12 Month Clothes

Health: Teething proved to be a little difficult for a day or so but overall health is good. I’m a little fearful that she is going to be catching this stupid flu that I have been trying to deal with lately.

Sleep: Great. Teething was a nightmare for one night.

Diet: This kid loves to eat. I’m a little nervous that I may be overfeeding her at times but I just give her food until she isn’t hungry. She’s definitely put on a lot of weight while listening to her needs.

Baby Gear Love: Um does the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse count as one? It’s been my savior during the first trimester of this second pregnancy. She also loves anything she can carry around (anything with a handle) and little plush toys. So. Many. Kisses.

Loves: Playing piano, hugs and kisses, Tyson, dancing, talking, eating, exploring, running, reading

Dislikes: Being told no

Milestones: Talking all the time, stacking things, understands most directions (lets change your diaper, time for night night, lets read a book, time for mickey mouse), helps pick up the house when asked,

Saying: Ball, Cheese (note to self: I know she says way more than this but I need to start writing things down!)

Signing:  Nothing new right now

Looking forward to:  Everyday.

Goals for next month: Turning this talking into sentences!


5 thoughts on “1 Year + 4 Months (16 Month Update)

  1. playinghousewi says:

    Isn’t this age the best?? We’re at 19.5 months and still in toddler heaven. Yes, there are challenges (meltdowns, eating, etc), but the sweetness and fun far outweigh any of those. Enjoy every minute! She’s absolutely precious. As for the biting, one thing we’ve been trying with seriously naughty behavior (messing with the stove dials, kicking the puppy), is immediately grabbing her and removing her from the situation, and saying in a calm voice “oh no no no no no. We cannot BLANK, as it’s so dangerous/hurtful/etc). Might not be applicable since P’s seems to be in the midst of a temper tantrum (we ignore those also). Good luck! Hopefully it’s a quick phase.

    • justaudrey says:

      It’s awesome! I can’t wait until she can really talk and share things with me. I’m trying to encourage her more and more to put together sentences when requesting things instead of just pointing. Yeah, the biting is bad. Ignoring seems to be helping (the bite is super quick and it’s more of the wind up yell) but it still makes me cringe every time. I usually talk to her right after the tantrum when she’s calm and explain why — is not a good behavior. I’m hoping it gets easier once she can communicate with me.

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