Easter Ducky Photos!

Easter is my favorite holiday! I’m not sure exactly why… maybe it’s the explosion of delicious candy. I love the bright colors that come out this time of year. Easter was always a fun time in my house growing up. My mom would hide our Easter baskets all over the house and we would search high and low (they were usually hidden pretty well) for our basket. Then we would totally dig into some peeps and Reese’s eggs. The best.

So as part of our little growing family, we have started some traditions in our household. One tradition that we started with Palmer last year was ducky photos. Instead of going to the creepy Easter bunny (they all look deranged), we found this photographer that offers a mini session for Easter with little duckies!! They are adorable.

Yesterday was photo day. What a difference a year makes! I thought Palmer would be hamming it up on camera because she is always putting on a show in front of other people but it took a while for her to warm up. Plus she won’t smile for me. I did everything! It took the photographer’s son to get her smiling by making silly sounds. She kept looking at me and saying, “go”, which means she is over an activity. I also thought she would be more excited about the ducks but no, she was just bothered they were pecking at her clothes and kept swatting them away. She did give some gentle pets towards the end of the session… that was adorable. Can’t wait to add in new baby next year to this sweet tradition.

One of last year’s ducky photos:


This year’s ducky photos:





4 thoughts on “Easter Ducky Photos!

    • justaudrey says:

      They are amazing. For a split second, I wanted to just have it be my session and just have little duckies all over me. I’ve seen other Easter sessions that feature tiny horses and other baby animals. It’s beyond adorable.

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