Splash Pad Fun

Growing up in Washington, I never encountered a splash pad. I think the outside was just one big splash pad dripping down on you all day. When I moved to Arizona, I have to admit, I found the concept of the splash pad to be a step above running through a big ol’ rainbow sprinkler in your front yard. They are usually set up at shopping centers and I really only saw kids fully dressed in regular clothes running through it. I honestly thought it was a really trashy thing to do. Like you don’t have a pool or A/C in your house so you go to a splash pad and try and cool down when it’s 118 degrees outside. Gross.

Enter #momlife. I get it now. Kids actually wear swimsuits (and most of them wear swim diapers) to splash around in the cold water. It’s fun, safe, and interactive for the little kiddos and a fun activity when it’s so freaking hot outside. So now that Palmer is running all around and the desert is starting to heat up, we are taking advantage of the city’s splash pads all over. We haven’t tried a bunch of places out, only Scottsdale Quarter (which is totally nice). I can imagine the summer is going to get super crowded. It’s not super big and has limited seating so that might be annoying but we’ll try it out. We’ve gone twice so far and it’s been really fun. Bigger girls (3-5)ย  really like playing with Palmer because she’s “ohhhh sooooo cuuuuuuteeeee” but I really have to keep a close eye on her because they don’t always know how to play with little ones like Palmer. Lots of pulling/pushing, totally fine if she was a little bigger but isn’t great for someone who is so petite. I do find myself sort of helicopter momming in those situations because the kid’s parents aren’t always paying attention.

It’s a difficult task keeping Palmer in the splash pad, and not just running all around the shopping mall. She’s so fast. Always keeping me on my toes. Wet toes in this case. So this is me, eating my words. I see a lot of splash pads in our future this summer.



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