Tyson’s Treat


This blog is a little heavy on Palmer and new baby so I wanted to take some time to talk about my “first born” Tyson! This little guy turned EIGHT last week. I love boxers and I love how energetic they are even when they are covered in grey hair. It’s like they have forever puppy personalities.

Usually we do a whole big thing for Tyson’s birthday. I get him a special toy and maybe even one of those birthday dog cookie things from Petco. He loves them.

Unfortunately this year, Tyson was being a big of a naughty dog. He is super protective of our home and hates when people come up to our door. Great guard dog… not great during Palmer’s nap time. So when some church people came to the door, Tyson lost his mind and between trying to break through the glass and barking like crazy, he straight up ripped the curtains off the wall……. again. So freaking annoying. So I had to fix the curtains,Β  calm down a crying baby and control a massive beast of a dog from trying to save us from the nice people outside that just wanted us to join their church.

At this point in Tyson’s birthday, I wasn’t feeling it. No treat. No special dog cookie. I still couldn’t just not do anything so I decided to treat him to some new food.

I received a bag of Rachel Ray’s Nutrish Dish dog food through VoxBox a couple of weeks ago and had been a little hesitant about giving it to him. He has some diet issues and I try not to disrupt his current meal plan too much. I was somewhat interested in seeing how he would react to it since sometimes he is a little sensitive to new foods. I knew he would be excited about the food because it has chunks of beef and vegetables swirled throughout the food nuggets.


drool bubble

So for Tyson’s special birthday treat, he got to try this new dog food. No surprise here… it was gobbled up before I walked back inside. Best part? No reaction at all.



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