Spring Cleaning

First of all, giving myself a little pat on the back for posting almost every day this week. With the exception of the 30 day challenge, I have been unable to stay on top of this thing. You know what that means right? I probably won’t post anything next week. lol

So this week I swear I found some energy hidden within myself. Or maybe it’s that “second trimester” energy that is supposed to pop up around 14 weeks…. nah… lets call it 17 weeks. So I decided this week, enough was enough. I was going to focus and get stuff done.



I’ll admit… our house has been a completely disaster since Palmer entered our lives. We aren’t the “neatest” people but we used to be good about just making sure we were picking up. We became 3 and I swear I was always too tired or too busy to make sure the house looked nice… unless we were expecting someone. If someone was coming over, we would for sure mad rush around the house to make it look somewhat presentable.

So with this new energy, I’ve been able to keep the house pretty clean. Dishes done. Floors swiffered. Laundry done, folded and PUT AWAY! I proudly show off all my accomplishments and Erin is super excited the house isn’t its normal war zone when he returns from work everyday.

I’ve also been organizing. Mainly because I really want to get started on the nursery but also because I’m just so sick of everything that I want to fix it. This week I was able to clean and organize new baby’s room and clear everything out of it so we can begin work on it (painting, putting in the crib and staining/putting in the new dresser) this weekend. I’m like super excited.

I decided to take my organizing skills to the garage (the place that probably needs it the most). They say Virgos are supposed to be expert organizers so this was my time to put it to good use! Our garage closet thing is horrifying. First, I don’t think anyone could possibly have more Christmas stuff than us, well besides my MIL. Boxes and boxes and boxes. It’s insane. They’ve been shoved into the closet with a bunch of crap that we have never organized.


Enter Organizational Audrey. I whipped that thing into shape. I threw out a bunch of stuff that was merely taking up space, not serving a function and will NEVER be used. Gone. This was a no hoarding zone. In just a couple hours, our garage closet was a brand new space with LOTS of room for more storage, which we will definitely be using once I clean out the rest of the baby closet.

I better max out this version of myself while I still have her. Third trimester (and those lovely triple digits) will be here before I know it and I’ll be carrying a watermelon in my belly.

PS – Have I mentioned our anatomy scan is Tuesday? OMG…. I seriously can’t wait.


3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. akw62307 says:

    Wow look at all of that. Can you come to my house? Haha. I have SO much to do and no time. My family is coming for Easter next weekend and I’m starting to freak out a bit! Granted, their house is far worse than mine, but I like to make a good impression.

    • justaudrey says:

      We bought our house a couple years ago and just filled it with crap… Things we should have tossed out years ago. I’m a big “hide everything in the closet and spray febreze” kind of person when guests come over. Lol

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