Well… I had a bunch of posts planned for this week but clearly I didn’t get to them. We came down with some gross sickness that wrecked havoc on our home for 24 hours  and has been getting better each day.

It started out Wednesday morning with this….


Palmer pointing out the obvious. Thanks P.

Which made me feel like the worst mom in the world. I had no idea she threw up in the middle of the night… and rolled around in it all throughout the night. She had puke all over her pajamas, her head, hair, wubba, crib, no seriously… everywhere. So disgusting. Palmer has never thrown up before so I was completely confused as to what to do. Oh and the smell… So gross.

Then I went to clean up Palmer, gave her a bath and finished getting her ready just as Tyson decided it was his turn to vomit… in the new baby’s room. Thankfully I had the changing pad little cover pad available so I threw it on the floor under his vomiting body and was able to clean it up very quickly.


From that point, I was seriously grossed out and started feeling sick myself. We laid in bed watching Mickey Mouse and other Disney Junior shows all morning. I put P back down to sleep and called Erin to check in. I started feeling really sick and told him I thought I was going to puke. (Sidenote: I haven’t thrown up since I was a child and have an irrational fear of puking so I thought there was no chance in hell I was going to be tossing my cookies today). Seconds later I found myself over the closest thing I could get to, the bathroom sink, hurling everywhere while my poor husband listened on speakerphone. I hung up on him and continued to puke until I literally had nothing left in my body.

I was extremely dehydrated and tried to just drink water to keep up but it didn’t seem to be enough. My mouth completely dry. I made an emergency call to my MIL to see if she could bring up some Pedialyte for me and Palmer to nurse us back to life. She left it at the door (I didn’t want her to get sick) and we immediately got started on drinking it. Palmer only had 2 wet diapers the entire day so I kept shoving water/Pedialyte down her throat.

Luckily the next day, Palmer woke up in a puke-free crib with super soaked diaper. Like the wettest and most contained diaper I’ve ever seen. She also had another super wet one after breakfast. Unfortunately, she had some issues with diarrhea all day yesterday  and that has continued into today.


Like when she had a major blowout in her pajamas. Poop. Everywhere. Another bath? For sure.

Thankfully Erin had been scheduled to be traveling this week so he may be safe. I found a huge thing of Pine Sol in my cleaning closet and I’m going to be disinfecting everything I can in order to rid our home of all this sickness. Poor Erin had to sleep on the couch while I continued to sleep in our sick room. I cleaned the sheets but I still need to take care of the comforter and anything else I may have touched while “infected”.

Fingers crossed this whole thing goes away and misses Erin.

The positive of this whole sickness: lots of baby snuggles.



5 thoughts on “Sickness.

  1. akw62307 says:

    That sickness is no joke. It hit us at the end of January and Mackenzie had about a week and a half worth of vomiting and diarrhea. I’m sorry you are both sick and I hope it passes quickly.

    • justaudrey says:

      It is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced. Palmer straight up pooped in her high chair today and it filled up the chair and ran all over the base onto the floor. We thought the dog threw up and then realized what it was and were horrified. Any tips for surviving? I literally spent a solid couple hours cleaning all the laundry and starting bleaching everything. I still have a long way to go.

      • akw62307 says:

        Mackenzie flat out refused food for about a week with a few exceptions. My pediatricians nurse recommended a probiotic to help with the diarrhea. Stick with the brat (bananas rice applesauce toast) diet if you can until it starts to pass. Clear liquids.

        My problem was Mackenzie refused clear liquids and wanted milk which made matters worse. The dairy was hard on her tummy and prolonged the diarrhea.

        Hang in there. Don’t be surprised if it takes a week or two to pass and you’re feeling back to normal.

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