Easter Weekend Recap

Easter weekend was super fun filled! I really wanted to post this earlier but… the sickness. Anyway…………….


On Saturday we celebrated my friend’s son’s first birthday and his theme was Mickey Mouse. Needless to say, I knew P would lose her mind when she saw all the Mickey items everywhere… and she did. She was yelling “hot dog” the entire time! The best part of the party? Um… Mickey Mouse decided to show up and sing “Happy Birthday”… AND THEN STAYED FOR THE HOT DOG DANCE! Her little eyes were bigger than I’ve ever seen them before. I’m totally being sappy and pregnant mom right now but my eyes teared up when she saw him and started waving/blowing kisses his way. It was like cuteness overload. Oh and the dancing. She was just beyond herself.



He’s not a professional Mickey (it was my friend’s BIL so he didn’t have the hold down) lol He was still awesome and a great sport!

Then Easter Sunday was finally here! My favorite holiday. πŸ™‚ We didn’t go all out with an Easter basket this year. I mean… she’s basically a baby still… and doesn’t really understand searching for the basket. We did “hide” her toys and have her search for it. She was super excited to see her new “baby sister”. Baby has become a regular around the house now. Lots of cuddles, pushes in the stroller, tons of kisses and of course, the feedings. Palmer always tests out the drinks just to make sure it’s safe in between baby’s feedings.


After Easter at our house, we went to Erin’s parents. Erin’s mom set up a little Easter egg hunt which was sooo cute. Palmer walked around the front yard like a big girl, basket in hand, and picked up each egg one-by-one. Some of the eggs were filled with Annie’s white cheddar bunnies. We all enjoyed the crackers. At the end of the hunt was her main basket filled with a couple more eggs, a little toy and two books: I Am A Big Sister and Potty! The potty book is super cute and hope it will help when we eventually start PT.

IMG_8988IMG_8993PS – Can you believe I didn’t get a single regular photo of my child in her Easter outfit? No face shot… #momfail

Our last stop was over to Erin’s aunt’s brother-in-law’s house for Easter lunch/dinner. This year they decided to do a bocce ball tournament. Each “kid” (which we still fall under) is paired with an adult. It was my first time playing and I was killing it. It was super fun and my team made it to the final four. I’m highly competitive with games and I usually pick up quickly. I was pretty bummed I didn’t make it to the finals but that’s okay. It was about a billion degrees outside and I could practically hear my skin frying off so it was probably good that I took a breather inside. Plus, I get in a bad mood when I lose so it was best to stay away and get “drunk” off the desserts.

Speaking of… oh and I totally wish I took a picture of my desserts I brought. I made these delicious, super fluffy and cloudlike lemon cupcakes filled with strawberry lemon curd and topped with a lemon cream cheese frosting. I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to have curd but I had a couple bites and it was ridiculous. Worth the time spent making it. I also brought my turtle pie (my standard pot luck dessert). Always solid and soooo freaking good. Homemade caramel is the best.

We finished the night with Walking Dead and passing out. It was such a long weekend and my bed felt like a cloud… or like those fluffy lemon cupcakes.


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