1 Year + 5 Months (17 Month Update)


Oops… I guess P turned 17 months a couple weeks ago and I didn’t even realize it. I didn’t even take a regular monthly photo of her so bunny ears will have to do. I’m in a little bit of disbelief that my tiny daughter turns a year and a half next month (this month). P is growing like a weed.. well it feels that way. She’s such a sweet kid with a TON of personality. She is super social and loves meeting new people. She’s not afraid of playing with older kids (which scares me sometimes since she’s so small and very clumsy). Sometimes she’ll pull a little shy act and it makes me laugh because it’s so not normal for her. When she does it though, she will cuddle up to me and put her little head on my shoulder, peeking up to the stranger and batting her little lashes. Ridiculous.

This month we saw a huge growth in HAIR! Like so much hair. It’s starting to thicken up and you can actually see it.The back has a couple little curlies to it but I think it’s pretty straight… maybe a little wave. I’m seriously so excited to hopefully be putting her hair into pigtails soon-ish.

I think it might be time to wean off the wubbas. They are all on their last leg. We’ve lost 3 in the past month: one in a tragic misplacement accident at a baptism, one in the wash (the paci came right off the plush), and another one has a huge hole in it. We have 2 more good condition wubbas and an unlimited amount of regular soothies and nuks so we’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping she finds comfort in another toy and we can start removing wubbas from our lives until new baby is here.

Weight: 22 lbs, 9 oz (at home estimate)

Length: 30″ (at home estimate) – I think we got a very generous measurement a couple months ago at the doctors office because she grew a lot in the last month and this seems more realistic.

Clothing Size: Almost 12 months exclusively but growing out of them, starting to introduce some 18 mo clothes

Loves: Mickey Mouse (and all his friends), Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pat-a-cake, Talking, Dancing, Playing with kids, Balls (or… as Palmer says it… Bawwwl)

Dislikes: Being told no

Milestones: Points at objects (or us), starting to use utensils, runs, helps pick up around the house, climbs everything

Saying: Toodles, bubble, car, hotdog, grandpa, yum, water, wubba, all done, duck, car, shoes, nose, eye, ear, ball, banana, bath


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