So Indecisive (Rug Dilemma)

Just a minor update on the health of our home: We are all healthy now. It took awhile for it to run it’s course in our house but we survived. I’m 90% sure all Palmer’s canines are coming in right now so on top of pooping everywhere, she has been mean.

I don’t know what it is about this pregnancy but I’m feeling a lot more indecisive in a lot of relatively simple decisions. We haven’t settled on a name. We’ve narrowed it down to just a few and Erin has picked what he likes but I’m still not sure. I have a bunch of ideas for the nursery but can’t really narrow them down in my head long enough to move forward on anything. I don’t know if I’m holding out for something better.

My original concept was keeping it super simple everywhere in the room with accents of regular stained wood, silver and grey throughout the room. White walls. I wanted to add color throughout with lots of accents like the 2 prints on the wall, a floral letter, pillows, a little tent and cushion covered toy box crate things. I wanted a very modern/bohemian/floral feel. I don’t think I could go full boho. I’m not effortless enough to embrace the boho spirit.

Well after making the tent and realizing it doesn’t fit in new baby’s room, that’s out (it’s going in Palmer’s room). Then I found this cute fabric I had on hand in my scrap bin to cover my cute crate toy box thing but it’s a little more bold than I expected. I’m just not great at putting together different patterns. I’m totally afraid the room is going to end up like an overworked runway look from an over-confident fashion student.


looks way darker here than in person.

So basically, for the past 2 months, I’ve been on this intense search to find the “perfect rug” for the space. I don’t want to spend a fortune… like at all. It’s a child’s rug. I’m also a little nervous about color. Palmer’s room is the most colorful room in the house. I mean… the walls are bright mint. Literally everything else in the house is a nice mixture of grey, white, brown, mint, more grey, tan, some red brick colors, and blue.

New baby’s room currently looks exactly like the rest of the house and I didn’t envision it that way so I need something to pull it into a brighter and more happy space. So these are the current contenders. All are from RugsUSA. I haven’t ordered from there before but the pricing is seriously unbeatable so I’m willing to take a chance. Part of me totally just wants the white and grey because it’s within my comfort level but I know it’s not the best choice for the room.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

So that’s where I am. Currently stressing out because I can’t pick out a rug to save my life. I’m hoping things just fall into place soon. I feel so off lately. I can’t remember things and feel so lost a lot of times. Probably just pregnancy brain but I thought second trimester was supposed to be the best??? Fingers crossed I snap out of this funk soon.


3 thoughts on “So Indecisive (Rug Dilemma)

  1. playinghousewi says:

    First, I LOVE that fabric. The colors, everything! So bold and fun. As for the rugs, I’m probably no help, as I’m likely even more indecisive than you’re finding yourself. BUT, if it helps, I really like all of them πŸ™‚

    Good luck, momma. The struggle is real.

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