weekend roundup – party animals

Well it definitely set in that we’ve reached a new level of adulthood. We experienced our first weekend with back-to-back birthday parties. Oh em gee.

First up was a mermaid-themed 1st birthday party for little Olivia. It was pretty cute. They had a ball pit set up and Palmer was LOVING it. Lots of BAWL, BAWL, BAWL and pointing. Unfortunately there wasn’t much Palmer could eat. She did have a little yogurt dip. I had a total mom fail because I “forgot” the sunscreen and Palmer spent a bunch of time outside running around. Luckily she didn’t get burnt and I tried keeping her under the little shady spots whenever possible. I think Erin liked this party a lot because there was booze.


We had to leave a little early to make a pit stop at Target and pick up sunscreen. We later found out we had sunscreen in the car but it never hurts to have more than one. Then we were off to our next party, Pryce’s Mickey Mouse Bash for his second birthday. That one was also super fun. Everything was super cute and crafty Mickey style. It took place at this cool park we had never been to before (because it’s not at all close to us). The park had a train, splash pad, big play place, fishing… seriously everything. Palmer climbed into the mini bounce house and had so much fun. It had a slide and she went down head first (good thing Erin was watching). Luckily there was lots of things for P to munch on… pizza, goldfish, cheerios. There were lots of fun games that Palmer got to play. With no nap all day, we were running out of ways to entertain Palmer and ended up having to leave early. Thankfully she crashed for a little bit in the car. Good times.


As if we didn’t do enough on Saturday, Erin and I decided to really test out the new stroller (it arrived early on Friday!!). We took a long walk to a nearby Starbucks and then went over to Target. The weather was seriously gorgeous all weekend. I seriously can’t say enough amazing things about the stroller. We are both obsessed. Oh and it takes up wayyy less room in our truck so that’s a huge bonus.

IMG_9356Later that day we had some friends over for dinner. It was a lot of fun and the boys had a good time testing out the tent I made for Palmer. I still need to sew the burlap so it’s taut on the poles, add some little finishing details, and paint the poles white but it’s pretty cool. It’s now the new house for Palmer’s stuffed animals. She goes in with her blanket and flops on all her stuffed animals. It’s pretty cute.


Very productive weekend. This week Palmer turns 1 1/2!! And I have a doctor’s appointment. Apparently my poor eating all weekend has helped my weight gain so my doctor should be pleased with the number on the scale!


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