baby #2 – 23 weeks

The feasting continues. Fortunately for me and NB (new baby), so has the walking. I’ve hit my step goal every day and even became last week’s Workweek Hustle champion. Since y’all don’t know me too well… I’m not a hugely active person. I’m quite the opposite actually. Unless it’s Disneyland… then I’ll go all out. Well we have a pretty good group that does the Workweek Hustle challenge on Fitbit every week and I literally am in last week every week. It’s kind of a joke that I’m in there… basically forever taking last place. Last week I decided to put forth some serious effort and hit at least 10K steps each day (nearly impossible to normal Audrey) and ended the week with almost 58K steps for the week… WHAT????!!! I think I almost gave everyone in the group a heart attack with this new person I became last week. Truthfully, on Friday I knew I was lagging behind just a little bit so to be sure of a win, I went for a late night walk with Erin and Palmer. We were literally dying walking home but I needed to get those extra almost 3K steps. It was worth it thought because I beat our normal champion by 2500 steps. Yay! Imma gonna be real though… this week I don’t care about winning the challenge so I’m just going to try and hit my normal 5K.

I also have been thinking a bunch about the anterior placenta situation and that may be the reason my doctor said “lets talk about it later”. From doing a little bit of research on the most terrifying platform ever (google), I found that it can be more challenging to perform a c-section due to the placenta’s location. Worst case scenarios ranged from blood transfusions to a hysterectomy. What the heck? Maybe my doctor is hoping that she’ll have a clearer idea of how to handle it after my 32 week ultrasound (my last one before delivery) and that’s why she said we can talk about it later. Idk… or maybe I’m just making all this up in my head like a crazy person. Totally possible.

This weekend was crazy for nursery projects. I’m going to share that in a separate post since it’s a lot and all that hard work deserves it own space.

Now for the update…

How far along: 23 weeks

Baby is the size of a: a BARBIE!

Symptoms: A little bit tired this week.

Total weight gain: I didn’t even want to look this morning but it’s not as bad as I thought. I think it depends on when I’m weighing myself. I did it this morning after eating a bagel and Oreo cookies for breakfast and it looks like I’m still down 7 lbs from my real PPW. At night though, it’s a whole different story.

Maternity clothes: I might try out some Old Navy maternity workout leggings. I can’t support spending a ton of money on expensive maternity activewear… it’s silly.

Stretch marks: Fingers crossed no!

Sleep: Better this week. I’ve been exhausted so that helps to keep me asleep at night.

Best moment of this week: Having the nursery come together

Miss anything: Not that I can think of

Movement: She’s an active little thing.

Food cravings: All the cookies and cakes.

Anything making you queasy or sick: All good on the sickness… no issues here.

Have you started to show yet: Hello bumpy.

Sex: SHE

Labor signs: Also good… stay in there baby!

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time:ย  I’m good this week… optimistic!

Looking forward to: Hitting vitality week next week so that’s exciting.

Bump Shot(s):

ย IMG_9489


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