View More: years ago yesterday I married my best friend on a tiny sailboat off the Santa Barbara Pier. It was sweet and slightly sloppy… very perfect for us.


super dark photo but there is the devil…. or maybe I should be blaming my lack of self control. Btw… I didn’t use the 3 butters lol

We celebrated yesterday with a little day date: a movie and late lunch. We went to a super cool movie theater that was changed to an aisleside service place with huge plush recliners. We had been to other theaters like this before (I swear all of them are changing into this) but I feel like the service was way more attentive. We watched Mothers Day. It was cute. I’m not a huge movie theater fanatic but Erin loves to go so I think watching this movie was a compromise. I ordered a popcorn and destroyed it. Like destroyed. Erin finally got it back at the end of the movie and it was basically straight crumbs. I would come to regret that later.


Next we popped across the street to a burger place we love, Zinburger. I was super excited because they have delicious shakes! I got a cookies and cream… yum! Every bite filled me more and more to the brim. As we walked out, I felt like I was in pain. So full. When we got home all I could do was lay on the ground. I moved to the bed where I remained for the rest of the night. Completely dehydrated, I quickly realized that the popcorn was the issue. Thanks to Dr. Google, I self-diagnosed myself as having a slight sodium overdose. The cure? Drinking a ton of water to try and flush out my system.

Not the greatest way to end my 3rd anniversary but that’s okay. We watched a little King of Queens and fell asleep in clean sheets. It’s the little things in life that are the most important. #marriedlife


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