Crushing On Some Baby Items

I’ve been hardcore “emoji heart eyeing” some fun buys for new baby lately. I always find such awesome shops on Instagram and I’ve rounded up some of my favs here.

Milk Snob Nursing Cover

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 1.22.33 PM

I saw this nursing/car seat cover later in my pregnancy with Palmer. I thought it was cool (and pretty). They have a bunch of different fun patterns and colors. It’s so versatile, which I love. It’s also really light weight and breathable, a must in AZ.

Another reason why I like it is to keep grubby fingers out. When Palmer was super tiny, I went to the county’s records office to order Palmer’s birth certificate. Well it wasn’t the nicest place in the world to be around. Palmer was only a couple months old and while I wasn’t nervous about bringing her out in the world, I wasn’t totally stoked about randos sticking their fingers in her face. Sure enough, a guy comes over asking about how old Palmer is and just sticks his hand in the carrier t0 touch her face. Um…………. so yeah, after that point I almost exclusively stuck to having a swaddle blanket over her but I so like this idea way more. Plus did I mention it’s cute??

Mushybook Baby Books


I remember being a kid and LOVING my baby book. I would always go get it out and read all the different details my mom wrote inside of it. Like I said, I’m an instagram shop fantatic and this is another one of those cute finds I discovered while browsing through different baby shops. Mushybooks are modern, thoughful baby books with tons of style (without all the tacky super baby-ish stuff everywhere). I love the look of each of these books, especially the Dreamcatcher and A Star is Born designs.

The standard book comes with 26 pages and includes a little envelope for their first haircut. They even have a paper swatch so you can test out your pen/check out your handwriting before you start working on the pages in the books, which is a huge bonus for a perfectionist like me. That stuff makes me crazy!!! I hate having to use white out.. especially on something so special. You can also extend your book and buy additional pages for toddler years or other special occasions. They also come in a recycled paper sleeve to keep it safe for years to come.

ย Iviebaby Sheets


I’ve followed Iviebaby on instagram since my last pregnancy and I love all their crib sheets, boppy covers, pillows and blankets. Such cute prints in a variety of colors. I do love aden & anais muslin blankets but these are super cute to make your nursery stand out from the rest.

Oreo Teether

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.55.44 PM

I adore me some Oreos (probably too much) so when I spotted this Oreo teether, I fell in love. Glitter & Spice has other cute teethers but how presh is this?? I’ve also seen donut ones floating around.

Stuffed Elephant Plush Doll


So I know I’ve mentioned before that I’m currently striking any future plush toy purchases but seriously…… so freaking cute. These showed up in my feed and I was like awwww. New baby doesn’t have any plushies so maybe one won’t hurt?? I always see cute little handmade goodies like this and fall in love. I did find something similar in Target’s Pillowfort collection (it’s a little bear wearing a floral crown) but since they have been out of stock on almost everrrrrything since it launched, I probably won’t be ordering it.



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