Happy Mother’s Day

First off, happy mother’s day to all the mommies and mommy-to-bes out there! Being a mom is a tough job and we somehow make it look “somewhat” easy to those around us. This is my second mother’s day to a human baby (I consider the years of being a dog mommy important too) and I’ve learned a lot. Like that being a mom will make you want to rip your hair and completely fill your heart… sometimes at the same time. I have moments of feeling totally together and like I have no clue what I’m doing all in the same day. It’s definitely a struggle trying to get used to all the changes that a baby/toddler go through but mother’s day is a reminder that I’ve survived another year.


This year was a little OOC. Palmer has been a monster because of these damn teeth. Seriously… make it stop. I keep telling myself that it’s just these four teeth that need to make their way into her mouth and the complaining will stop (well at least about teeth). She can’t explain why she’s upset (because she’s one and a half) but she just cries and cries these terrible painful cries. So Friday she was up nearly all night in pain and no amount of Tylenol seemed to help. Erin took the first shift from 11pm-3:30am. I literally walked into new baby’s room at 3:30 to find him short-circuiting so I decided it was time to switch. I stayed up from 3:30-7ish. We did get a couple little naps on the couch in between but it was pretty intense whining, neediness and crying for the whole shift. Saturday during the day was okay-ish… we couldn’t really do anything though due to the crying. Saturday night was not as bad as Friday. She cried pretty bad like 3x but I didn’t need to get up so I was able to get a little bit of sleep.

I told Erin I didn’t really want to make a fuss about Mother’s Day this year for a bunch of different reasons so we kept things pretty low key. We did go over to Erin’s parents house for a little brunch. Erin’s mom makes this awesome asparagus tart so I filled up on that and some french toast bake. So good. Palmer ate her weight in some blueberries and has been begging for more ever since.


literally best photo i could get of the two of us. she was not into it.

After that we went to Erin’s soccer game. He usually plays on Friday nights but they have been overbooked so they opted to play on Sunday. They destroyed the other team (like 16-3). It wasn’t too fair since the other team had already played 3 games that week with no subs but oh well, a win is a win!

We capped the night with a delicious dinner from in-n-out (I’m not hard to please) and a walk. Oh and Palmer didn’t cry last night! That’s the true Mother’s Day gift!

OMG… I almost forgot! I entered to win this contest a few days ago for a mini maternity and newborn session from Keri Meyers Photography and I found out yesterday that I WON!! Her photos are stunnnnnning so I’m super excited to take advantage of this opportunity. We didn’t get newborn photos done with Palmer, which I always kind of regretted, so this was super exciting. I’m a little nervous because I’m not one to step in front of the camera so the thought of being the focus on a maternity shoot is terrifying to me. Seriously though, her work is beautiful so I have full faith that the photos will be gorgeous. So stay tuned for some pretty photos of this bump coming in the next couple months.






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