18 Months (1 year + 6 months)


Disclaimer: I’m the queen of delayed posts right now. This is Palmer’s 18 MONTH update… nearly a month late. I actually finished it a million years ago but didn’t post it because I was slacking by adding the photos. Whatever… did I mention I’m pregnant??Β 

This month we had a checkup since my little baby is officially a year and a half (um crazy). The doctor’s visit was overall very good. Palmer looks great. She’s growing! 17% for height, 55% for weight. We did have a big conversation about a couple of issues. One was tantrums and her active little personality. Palmer’s pediatrician mentioned that she noticed children that are super chatty or super active personalities (like Palmer) seemed to enter an early terrible twos phase from 18-24 months. *Lucky us* It definitely seems like that’s what we are currently dealing with right now. She also mentioned that those kids also seem not to be as bad during 2s and 3s so I’m hoping this is true with Palmer. She encouraged us to be firm in our discipline and consistent. This is the most important time to introduce boundaries. So there is that…

Another issue we discussed is dropping the pacifier. Ugh… the conversation I didn’t want to have with her. She basically said it should stop like yesterday. We need to start taking it away and not having it accessible to her. I told her I had been giving her “baby” instead of the wubba to kind of transfer the interest to a new object and she gave me a little scolding for that. She said I was basically just encouraging her to be dependent on another object and that Palmer needs to learn to self-soothe without a baby, pacifier, or whatever. She said most parents make these objects too available and it enables these bad habits to continue for way too long. If you can tell from the photos shown in this month’s update… it’s obvious we weren’t completely ready for this challenge. So we started removing the wubba from daily activity and it’s only given to her during bedtime and car rides (only when she’s most likely going to be napping).

We also discussed potty training. Our pediatrician recommended getting started relatively soon. She said to start with a little naked time. Just let her free roam (preferably outside in the backyard) and put the potty nearby. We should encourage her to sit on the potty as much as possible during that time. Each time she sits on the potty, we should reward her with a small treat (either a small marshmallow or mini m&m) and if she does something, she’ll get a larger treat (like a full size marshmallow or regular m&m). Palmer has been very interested in the potty and has even been using some potty type terms. So I’m sure I’ll have LOTS of developments of that in the next couple months. My goal is to have only one baby in diapers in August so fingers crossed this process is simple!

Palmer is a hilarious little kid. It’s crazy to see how much she changes every month. She is totally obsessed with shoes. She talks about them all the time and will do anything she can in order to get shoes on. She also picks them out almost every day. It’s like her favorite part of the day. She goes to the closet, grabs a shoe, backs up into my lap to sit down so I can put them on her feet. She keeps repeating… Shoes, shoes (which actually sounds more like sooooz or something like that). She’s gone up in size so she can finally wear size 5. I feel like our shoe options have completely opened up. I went to Target and OMG… I can’t even. I was trying shoes on her like crazy!! I seriously could have spent so much money buying all the shoes. There were even little wedges… are you kidding me??? Baby wedges? Stop right now. I walked away empty handed and I’m sure Erin appreciated that. I just know these shoes would have quickly becomes new favorites in Palmer’s collection.

One last thing, we bought Palmer a baby and stroller last month for Easter and “Baby” has become a favorite in our house. She carries her around, feeds her, and pushes her in the stroller. It’s adorable. I can’t wait to see her as a big sister. She’s going to be so loving and sweet with her little sister. So cute.

Weight: 22 lbs, 8 oz (doctor’s visit)

Length: 30.5″ (doctor’s visit)

Clothing Size: Some 12 month clothes. She shirts look like crop tops sometimes and the pants are skin tight so I need to just exclusively have her in 18 mo clothes. Maybe that’s a project for this next week…. boxing up all P’s 12 mo clothes for new baby!

Loves: Tyson (the feeling isn’t mutual), SHOES, baby, talking to people/meeting new friends

Dislikes: Diaper changes at night, changing into pajamas after the bath, when she gets in trouble for not listening, listening in general

Milestones: Starting to play pretend (with baby and on the phone), lots of communicating with words, listens to commands (sometimes… well she understand them lol), starting to color a little bit, can drink from a regular cup, walks up and down steps

Saying: Whoa, apple, broccoli, walk, banana, blueberry, puffs, orange, thank you, WAIT!


7 thoughts on “18 Months (1 year + 6 months)

  1. sparklemehappy says:

    Heart explosion. πŸ’–

    Little surprised Dr suggested a candy for potty training. Love the marshmallow idea. What a big girl.. And her hair is coming in quick now!! Gorgeous. ✨

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