Finally Baby Proofing at 19 Months

After reading countless news stories about dressers falling on kids and catching my daughter eating out of the trashcan (it was a strawberry but still… yuck), I’ve decided it’s time to get my head out of the sand and baby proof some of this house. Admittedly, I realized I posted my first OMG… I need to start baby proofing post almost a year ago. How is that for procrastinating?

I didn’t want to go all out with locks on toilets (however, I think it may be necessary at this point) and putting my kind in a gerbil-type bubble so I’m trying to focus on basics. We do have outlet covers so we aren’t completely failing but pretty darn close. I also used some of those safety latches that I received from my MIL in the guest bath since Palmer has been getting into there and taking out the cleaning products. Yes child… please put the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner in your mouth. Sooooo safe.

Like I mentioned A YEAR AGO, we want to put knobs on the cabinets with little locks so I’m finally ordering them. Ugh. Let’s see how long they sit on the counter before I actually break and start installing them. It may be quicker than I can imagine since Palmer LOVES pulling all the glass stuff out of the cabinets.

These knobs and the safety 1st locks are the first purchase. They are not fancy but they will work in this house at this time. I just need to make sure they can stay closed and keep little children’s hands safely outside and away from the glass items inside.

I’m also getting some anti-tip brackets for dressers and our big chalk paint leaning mirror to make sure those horrible tipping stories don’t happen to our family. For our huge TV in our bedroom, I’m going to get these metal safety straps because the TV in our bedroom is a beast and scares the crap out of me just sitting there. It literally takes two people to lift this monster and we are waiting for it to die before we upgrade to a lighter, less threatening TV, which will be mounted on the wall.

These four items address our current baby proofing issues. I’m super grateful that Palmer isn’t really a climber and she’s fairly petite so I’m not super concerned with items “way up high” but I know that will come up soon.

Way to go Audrey for possibly pulling it together for baby #2!


3 thoughts on “Finally Baby Proofing at 19 Months

  1. Darlene Dee says:

    Baby proofing is the woooooorst, right? I just conceded the bottom shelves and cabinets and threw pillows around the bricks near the fireplace. I do have gates at the bottom of the stairs. So she doesn’t try to climb up while my back is turned. (Which is a lot, let’s be real. I use my mommy sonar instead.) I am one thousand percent sure I will trip over one of those gates some day.

    • justaudrey says:

      Totally! We have a double-sided brick fireplace but luckily we have only had minor bumps with it. We also don’t have stairs so that’s a blessing in itself! The cabinets though? I can’t anymore. It’s exhausting saying no.

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