27 weeks – baby #2

Just trucking along. Last week of third trimester. This pregnancy is flying by so quickly. This post is slightly delayed by a week as I meant to post late last week but MDW is getting the best of me. 

It’s starting to get really freaking hot here. I’ve been trying to get in walks at night but the distance is getting shorter and shorter. My body just feels so heavy and it literally takes everything out of me just to go a mile and a half. I start getting BH and try and drink water. Sometimes I wish our stroller had an adult seat so Erin could just stroll me back home when my legs feel like they are going to give out.

I know I should be happy with my body’s ability to do that but still… I get a little jelly when I see some of these fit moms. I bet they aren’t eating Sm’Oreos for breakfast. I’m still way more active than I was with Palmer’s pregnancy and I’m hoping that’s kept some of the swelling at bay. Stay away swelling… we don’t want any part of you!

Now for the update…

How far along: 27 weeks

Baby is the size of a: camping lantern

Symptoms: Hair loss, exhaustion, constant irritability, super hungry all the time

Total weight gain: So my scale broke last week and all it’s telling me now is that I weigh 125 lbs, which is lovely… but so not true at my current state. 5 lb weight gain since 22 weeks – not sure how much was from the past week.

Maternity clothes: Nothing new but I’m going to be purchasing some dresses soon. I’m narrowing down from like 20

Stretch marks: I hope not… I am getting super veiny in the belly region. Is that a precursor to stretch marks?? 😦

Sleep: Well I officially broke out the pregnancy pillow this week. It has offered some sort of relief in positioning at night. I’ve seen an improvement. Unfortunately, Erin was traveling for a day so I had one not so great night of sleep this week.

Best moment of this week: Spending some time with family, finished up some projects for the nursery

Miss anything: Nothing crazy this week. Maybe the ability to hold my bladder longer than 20 minutes.

Movement: She’s a little jumping bean in there.

Food cravings: Everything and nothing at the same time.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No

Have you started to show yet: Maybe just a bit.

Sex: GIRL – I’ve been having recent fears that NB is actually going to be a boy so I’m really looking forward to a scan next month to calm those crazy thoughts.

Labor signs: Nope

Belly button in or out: In but it’s getting soooo shallow. I don’t think it will hold out for another trimester

Wedding rings on or off: On, except at night.

Happy or moody most of the time:  Emotional

Looking forward to: parties parties parties all Memorial Day weekend! Third trimester next week… GD test next Fri!! 

Bump Shot(s):

Another struggle day with Palmer


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