Dressing the Bump… Yet Another Pregnancy Struggle

I see it everywhere. Adorable little belted looks mixed with adorable prints to show off the cutest little baby bumps… all claiming to be shown during 3rd trimester. Yeah right. Maybe they aren’t on the all cookie diet like I have been and can pull that off but for me… no, just no.

Every pregnancy (because I’ve had soooooo many… just two) I have the same struggle. WTH am I going to wear?? This pregnancy is even more uninspired as I have no one or no where to report to every day. Palmer doesn’t care if I hang out in my underwear or pajamas all day because that is what she’s doing too.

I look in the mirror and it’s hard for me to even wrap my head around this watermelon hanging off my midsection. I try online shopping for casual mom-friendly maternity outfits and they either look super matronly, tent-ish, or like they are made for the world’s tiniest pregnant ladies. No hate to those ladies… it’s pure jealousy over here.

Plus, have I mentioned lately that it’s about 400 degrees outside? I dream of these adorable fall-looking bump outfits. You know the ones with the cute cardigan/jeans/boots/infinity scarf combos? That certainly won’t fly during my third trimester with 115 degree weather outside.

So instead of doing anything about it, I’m going to just post some cute pictures of looks I’m envying. To be honest, I’m not about going out and spending a fortune on maternity clothes for the 3 months I have left… especially when it’s hot outside and I’m going to sweat all over everything anyway. I literally bought three maternity-specific items this pregnancy and hope to keep it at that. The rest? Regular clothes that will stretch and love my bump now and after pregnancy.

Side note: How do these ladies get away with wearing heels so late during pregnancy? My dogs would be barking hardcore and terrifyingly swollen after 2 minutes of wearing them. Also, I’m pretty sure Kristin Cavallari is my pregnancy style icon. I seriously wish I could steal her whole wardrobe but I’m preeeeeeetty sure I would need to lose about 150 lbs first.

Patterned Explosion. Maxi Skirt. Bohemian.

Blake-revealed-her-baby-bump-Sam-amp-Lavi-floral-top-maxiStriped. Black Leggings. Classic.


Floral. Tight. Bumptastic.


Maxi Dress. Blazer Vest. Booties.


Tunic. Skinny Distressed Jeans. Statement Jewels.


So… while I dream of being adorable like the photos above, you can find me wobbling around in some Target crew necks and Old Navy maternity activewear pants with a splash of makeup on and my hair in a messy bun because… life.


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