1 year + 7 months (19 Months)


I’m getting worse and worse with these monthly updates. Palmer turned 19 months a couple weeks ago. It’s incredible to me how much she changes every day. I wish I could remember everything that has happened in the last month but there is no way. She talks all the time and is always learning new words. She is always telling us something but we literally have no idea what she is trying to say. It’s like a blur of lots of random sounds. I try really hard to figure out her sentences but fail so I usually just respond with “yeah”. Hopefully she’s not asking to go skydiving.


I’m super proud of all her good manners. She said please when asking for something and thank you afterwards. Sometimes we have to remind her but she’s pretty good about it. It’s adorable. We are working on learning “sorry” – something especially important since she’s been hitting lately.. not cool. Another thing we are working on is sharing and not just demanding items from people. The only person she seems to want to share with is Tyson, which is not ideal. Tyson doesn’t need Cheerios and blueberries.


She acts like she is the world’s hungriest child. Every two seconds we hear, “Eat, eat, eat”. I can even hear her spouting off food items in the middle of the night when she wakes up, “Strawberry, bubu (blueberry), chicki-chicki (chicken), cheerrrrros (cheerios)”. Favorite foods as of right now? Well, blueberries still rank pretty high. I need to start feeding her more vegetables. I love how she says strawberry and orange. Orange sounds more like rrrrrrrng or something like that. It’s still pretty cute.


Palmer is a busy body but will definitely take a break for one of her favorite shows like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Bubble Guppies, or Shimmer and Shine. I love TV time because she gets super cuddly and just chills. As much as she loves Mickey, she freaking loves books. I swear, we read like 20 a day. If she had her way, I would just lay in her tent and she could just bring me books until she eventually got tired enough to just go to sleep. Speaking of that, she now tells us she’s tired. She’ll say “night, night” and we know it’s time to put her down. We typically get in 2 naps during the day and then bedtime around 7:30.


I mentioned a little bit ago that we plan on starting potty training. That’s still the plan but I’m trying to find the right time (for me) so we (I) can be completely focused on Palmer and having a successful 3-day training. I bought all the undies. I need to pick up a couple treats from the dollar section at Target and reread the training guide a couple more times. I want to make sure we are consistent so I feel like I need to be way more prepared that I am. Palmer is very excited to start though. She has been sitting on the potty before she jumps in the bath and the other night, she actually peed a little bit in there. We were extremely surprised. It was crazy! So yeah… I need to figure out when I’m going to start this whole thing. I’m thinking at the end of this month but tbh, it scares the crap out of me.


All in all, Palmer is a little ball of joy. She has a very big personality. Loves to dance, laugh and run the show.


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