29 weeks – baby #2

So this week is glucose tolerance test diet week. The thing is, on any other week, I would be overjoyed with having the option to eat non-stop sugar and carbs but when you’re forced to eat them, it never tastes quite as good. I would be happy if I never ate another zebra cake after today. It’s also way more food than I would ever eat normally so it’s kind of exhausting. I was sooo tired after day one. I felt sluggish and gross. Day two was better. This last day is just meh. I just try and eat it as quickly as possible. Pictures below of each meal yesterday. Not pictured are the snacks: one serving of fruit and 2 mini kit kats.

I took some time yesterday to indulge a little bit (in something not related to food). I finally got my hair done. It’s been since February so to say that it’s a little overdue would be an understatement. I’ve been feeling a little haggard lately and I feel like I new person today. I’m getting my brows and toes done next week so I’ll finally feel a little complete.

Also exciting news this week is that I finally got in the baby proofing stuff so sorry Palmer… time to say goodbye to all the fun things in the cabinets like tupperware and the trash can. Mommy is soooooo over picking up cabinet stuff all over the house. I’m also strapping down the dressers and that leaning mirror after I figure out where all these studs are in the house.

Now for the update:

How far along: 29 weeks

Baby is the size of a: barbie convertible

Symptoms: sugar shakes, exhaustion, severe emotional mood swings and outbreaks

Total weight gain: I wouldn’t be surprised if I gained 15 lbs with this diet lol

Maternity clothes: I bought a cute t-shirt dress for less than $10 that says Desert Child. I’m thinking about wearing it for maternity photos or something like that.

Stretch marks: Fairly sure I just got one. I’m terrified to look again. This pregnancy has my belly stretched hardcore and I have so many weeks left for growth.

Sleep: Surprisingly awesome.

Best moment of this week: Hair appointment!!!

Miss anything: A big ol’ turkey and roast beef sub.

Movement: Baby loves candy!

Food cravings: Non-bread items.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Zebra Cakes

Have you started to show yet: Bumpin

Sex: Girl

Labor signs: No.

Belly button in or out: In

Wedding rings on or off: Still on

Happy or moody most of the time:Β  This has been a very emotional pregnancy so far

Looking forward to: Test tomorrow, results monday, 30 weeks next week!!

Bump Shot(s):



4 thoughts on “29 weeks – baby #2

  1. playinghousewi says:

    Can’t believe you’re almost at 30 weeks! Looking great, momma! Also, just ignore the evil stretch mark. I know, I know… Not easy. But my body looks way different than it did with baby in it. I still have no idea what the real “damage” is and won’t until all my swelling goes down. My point… You never know what will actually last once you deliver and your body goes back.

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