Memorial Day Weekend Flashback

Since it’s Friday, might as well do a flashback a couple weeks to Memorial Day Weekend! Remember when I promised I would share what we did??

Well, it was an action packed weekend. Being the totally on-the-ball mom I am, I didn’t take hardly any photos of the weekend. Hooray. Good job! I did take a picture of this awesome wreath I made. I don’t know if you’ve seen this project floating around Facebook or Pinterest lately but it’s crazy easy and adorable. Luckily my MIL had picked up extra materials so I was able to make mine too! It will be outside for the next couple months. Go America!


We were completely insane all weekend. FIVE PARTIES in THREE DAYS! It started with one of our friend’s sister’s graduation parties on Friday night. She graduated from nursing school! We were super excited for her and Palmer was super excited about all the strawberries.

Saturday was spent out in Fountain Hills with a DELICIOUS lunch at Erin’s aunt’s house. For an appetizer, she made three different types of bruchetta: artichoke/parmesan, lemon/ricotta, and caprese style. I ate two of the artichokes because they were amazing. Erin’s aunt also makes these amazing chicken taquitos. I normally could eat a million but was only able to have one because I was so full. So. Good. Erin’s mom also made this delicious mexican rice side dish that’s super creamy and cheesy. I was so full I could barely eat the strawberry pretzel dessert. Palmer and Erin got most of it.


Palmer also had the chance to play with her (I’m terrible at understanding relations so this could be totally wrong) second cousin, Nami. Nami is almost 8 months (I think) and basically as tall as Palmer. Palmer gave her tons of hugs and loves. P struggled to share toys with Nami. This is definitely something that we are working on but not quite there. Towards the end, it was very apparent that Palmer was way too tired to function as the hitting started coming out. That’s our big indicator that we pushed it too far. Over-exhaustion makes for one cranky and mean baby.

After Erin’s aunt’s house, we went to Erin’s coworker’s house for her son’s graduation. I had never met her son before but it was nice to see all Erin’s coworkers and hang out for a bit before we made the trip back to our neck of the woods. Palmer was exhausted and went to bed almost immediately when we got home.

Sunday was also a super busy day. We started out with a fun boat party at Lake Pleasant for my friend’s son’s birthday. Omg. There were so many people out there. We spent some time in the “party cove” and I basically had to cover Erin’s eyes a couple of times. Lots of twerking, barely there bikinis and boobs. Oh to be young, single and crazy again… I think I totally prefer my new mom life now. Palmer enjoyed having the wind blow through her fine, blonde hair as we cruised along the lake. She even took a little nap at one point. We did have one casualty… her little white hat was blown off at the very end of the day.



After the lake, we drove an hour away to go to Erin’s coworker’s daughter’s birthday party. It was a lot of fun. We played with the water table and in the ball pit. This coworker has been AMAZING to us basically since before Palmer was born and gave us all her daughter’s old clothes and shoes. We always joke that she kept our child clothed for her entire life (because she basically has). Her daughter is only 6 or so months older than Palmer but grows like a weed. No joke… she wears a 5T shirt. Palmer was super jelly of all the gifts. You should have seen her face when she saw the Bubble Guppies stuff… such a jelly monster.

Monday was our day of peace. I made Palmer a “well balanced breakfast” of cake donut, blueberries and raspberries. I thought it was a very American looking plate. Then we went shopping at Nordstrom Rack and took advantage of some amazing sales going on. We also picked up a free burrito from SomeBurros thanks to Lori’s amazing craftiness in the Churro Casita contest.


All in all it was a pretty nice weekend. We had the chance to spend a lot of time as a family and that’s really all that matters.


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