My Latest Project: Updating The Guest Bath

So now that the nursery is basically finished, I decided I needed a new project to complete before new baby arrives. Guest bathroom it is. Heaven knows I won’t be able to do it after she arrives. The tough part is completing each part during Palmer’s naptimes or when she goes down for bed at night lol

Here is my current project list:

  1. Paint: We have painted pretty much every room in this house at this point because I can’t stand that our house was basically just tan on tan on tan. The guest bath is still tan though. So bye-bye tan, hello white (to match everything else in our house).

  2. Remove medicine cabinet & replace with ANYTHING ELSE: There are many terrible things about the medicine cabinet. The biggest is that it sticks out super far and it smells. I have always hated it so I am going to do something about it. The solution is to build a recessed shelf in the space. I was originally thinking of just patching it with some drywall and calling it a day but it’s okay, this will look nicer.
  3. New mirror: There isn’t anything particularly offensive about the mirror but it’s super large and I can use it in another space so I’m okay with taking it down. So funny thing is that we are removing the medicine cabinet that was in there to essentially put a medicine cabinet in another space. My MIL gave us their old medicine cabinet after they remodeled their bathroom a few years ago. We intended to put it somewhere but never got around to it. It’s in great shape so we are going to put it in this space. Hides all the stuff we don’t want on the counter and doesn’t smell like the old medicine cabinet.
  4. Remove all unnecessary hooks: The people that flipped our house literally just went to Home Depot, found the cheapest crap they could find and put the entire collection in this space. The most annoying thing is that they put all these hooks opposite of the toilet. It’s not aesthetically pleasing to me and it’s certainly not functional. Having to lean super far over to reach the TP? No thanks.
  5. New Toilet Paper Holder: Since we are moving the toilet paper holder from across the toilet, we need a new place to put it. I would ideally like to place it on the side of the vanity but want to make sure there is enough room to comfortably place it. I was originally going to go with an industrial type of piping creation but I’ve also been looking at some recessed options so allow for some more room.

    1 | 2

  6. Paint Vanity: Another shortcut by the flippers. They kind of half-ass spray painted the vanity base. It’s so patchy and gross so I’m going to redo it by painting it. I’m still undecided on color but I’m leaning towards grey. Still determining how I’m going to go about it. I would have loved to sand and stain the vanity but it’s just too much for this pregnant lady at this point. I wish I had lighter counters like the images above but I don’t. Thankfully our counters have some blend of neutral-ish colors (grey included) so it will work.
  7. Move Light: This irritates me so much. The light above the vanity is literally like half an inch (I measured today) to the right of the center of the vanity. It makes no sense and it always just looks slightly off. I’d like to move the light into the proper position so it’s in line with the center/faucet. I’m probably thinking this is wayyy easier than it is so we’ll see if this project gets completed. It’s not a must but a serious want.

    1 | 2 | 3 | 4

  8. Build new towel rack: Another cheap item that was ripped out. I’m thinking of building some pallet looking towel rack or some ladder-type solution. Pinterest has lots of ideas. I just need to make a decision and get going on it.
  9. New Towels & Shower Curtain: This is more of a want than a must. I’ll probably just pick some towels/hand towels up at Ikea. I’ll probably get a new shower curtain at Target. I love the Threshold shower curtains. So cute.


  10. Accent Wall with Stickers: I bought some wall decals to use on new baby’s room but realized I didn’t really need them so I think I’m going to use them in this space instead. They are little grey triangles so they will fit the space perfectly. I think it’s a nice compliment to both Palmer and the new baby’s room without being a super “kid” bathroom.

It sounds like a lot but most of it is super easy. The most difficult or time consuming things to do will probably be painting the walls and vanity, building the recessed shelves and creating the new towel rack. I have less than 10 weeks so I have to get started soon.

We removed basically everything from the bathroom at this point (mirror, medicine cabinet, unnecessary hooks and things, towel rack) and I removed/patched all the anchor points so it’s prepped for painting. That will most likely be my first step since nothing can really get put in until that is done.

I’ll keep y’all posted on how things are coming along as well as my failures/successes. I’m kicking myself for not taking before photos of everything. Maybe I can find an old photo from the original listing? I wish I had a picture of that disgusting cabinet. Ew.



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